Foot Candles

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Access Fixtures Recommended Minimum Foot-candles

Archives 15
Casual reading 20-50
Classes 25
Detailed Drawing Work 150
Detailed Mechanical Workshops 100
Dining 10-20
Easy Office Work 25
Entertaining 10-20
General Shop Lighting 70
Groceries 50
Grooming 20-50
Hobbies involving fine detail 100-200
Homes 15
Kitchen food preparation 50-100
Kitchen, laundry-general light 20-50
Laboratories 50
Mechanical Workshops 75
Normal Drawing Work 100
Normal Office Work 50
Operation Theatres 100
PC Work 50
Prolonged reading or studying 50-100
Sewing, dark fabrics 100-200
Sewing, medium-colored fabrics 50-100
Show Rooms 50
Specific Shop Lighting 100-150
Study Library 50
Supermarkets 75
Theaters 15
Warehouses 15
Workshop activities 50-100
Public areas w/ dark surroundings 2-5
Simple orientation for short temporary visits 5-10
Work areas where visual tasks are occasionally performed 10-15
Working spaces where visual tasks are occasionally performed 10-20
Performance of visual tasks of high contrast or large size 20-50
Performance of visual tasks of low contrast or very sm size 100-200
Very Detailed Mechanical Works 150-200
Visual Tasks with very small size for prolonged periods of time 200-500
Performance of visual tasks of low contrast 200-500
Performance of very prolonged and exacting visual tasks 500-1000
Very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast & small size 1000-2000       Tel 888.521.2582

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