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High Bay Lights

High bay lights are ideal for general purpose, energy efficient, indoor lighting. Indoor high bay lights are available with LED, screw-in CFL, and HID lamp types. High bay lights are available in linear and traditional ballast box and reflector styles and are able to be custom finished to match any interior. Visit our LED High Bay page and T5 Lighting pages for more information.

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High Bay Lights

High bay lights are ideal for general purpose, energy efficient, indoor lighting. Access Fixtures features high bay lights of every type for every purpose. We feature High Intensity Discharge (HID) High Bay Fixtures including High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH). We also carry Linear Fluorescent High Bay Fixtures, such as T5HO High Bay fixtures and T8 High Bay. Water tight units are available for potentially moist environments, such as indoor pools.

Induction High Bay Fixtures perform for up to 100,000 hours making them virtually maintenance free; and HighMax High Bay Fixtures, which use MaxLite’s 150w or 200w self ballasted instant-on compact fluorescent lamps, provide a traditional high bay system. Access Fixtures Lighting Specialists can help you determine which lamp is best for your project.  Call now and find out; our specialists will be glad to discuss your organization’s specific needs and recommend the best solution.


High Bay Light News


New LED High Bay Luminaire Announced by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, Mass., May 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of commercial and sports lighting, is expanding its line of LED high bays by introducing a new high output LED high bay with a traditional form factor that includes...

High Output LED High Bays Released by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Access Fixtures has announced the expansion of its LED High Bay product line with new high output high bay lights. The newest LED high bays use as little as 32w of energy while emitting over 4400 lumens. The highest wattage...


Recent High Bay Projects


The Answer For Horse Stables – T5HO Vapor Tight Fixtures

A racetrack in Maryland contacted Access Fixtures looking to install fixtures in a new building where horses will be stabled. Horse stables generate dust from hay that the horses eat, wood shavings which are used for bedding, and from the open air ventilation which...

How Do You Safely Light an Indoor Pool Area?

A customer contacted Access Fixtures concerning the electrical junction box above a community indoor pool that contained wires and a ballast for the light fixtures in the room. The ballast and the wires were in a different electrical gearbox as the lighting was a...

Gym Updates Lighting Changing From Metal Halide to LED

A customer contacted Access Fixtures needing to update the lighting in their indoor basketball court. At the time of the call the gym was illuminated using eight 400w metal halide high bay luminaires. While the 400w MH luminaires provided enough light, the customer...


High Bay Light Blogs


T5HO Continues to Dominate the Market

T5HO fixtures are continuing to dominate the market as the leading choice for anyone with high ceilings and large areas that require high output lighting. While LEDs threaten to overtake CFLs in most avenues, T5HO remains the luminaire of choice for large area high...

What’s the Fuss About California’s Title 24?

State energy codes were meant to help save energy and encourage property managers to choose the most energy-efficient options available, but what happens when the codes become so cumbersome and expensive that it inhibits properties from getting the necessary updates...

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