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Outdoor LED bollard lights are available with various LED types including screw-in LED lamps, LED arrays and LED modules. These commercial bollard lights come in round or square, stainless steel, and four reflector types.

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Commercial LED Bollards – Styles, Sizes and Applications

Access Fixtures outdoor bollard lights are manufactured with superior quality housings, lenses and gasket and use major USA brand name ballasts and lamps. Access Fixtures outdoor bollard lighting is assembled in the USA. Access Fixtures has commercial bollard lighting styles and sizes that will meet most customers’ requirements. Applications for outdoor bollard lights include illuminating paths, walkways and landscaping. Typically bollard lights have been round in shape with either a domed or flat top. Recently Access Fixtures introduced square bollard lights with a flat top. For most Access Fixtures outdoor bollard lights, matching wall bollard lights and post top bollard lights are available. These are a perfect compliment to the full sized commercial bollard lights. Most Access Fixtures bollards lights come standard in bronze, black or white. There is also a comprehensive selection of custom colors available. Outdoor bollard lights lengths range from 41” to 10’ and are available custom lengths, too.

Commercial Bollard Lights – Construction

Custom Painted Bollard Lights

Our bollard lights can be custom painted to match any color.

Our bollard lights can be custom painted to match any color.Access Fixtures’ commercial bollard lights are housed in a tough extruded aluminum shell that is powder coated over a chromate conversion coating which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. The lenses of all outdoor bollard lights include a very durable clear or prismatic polycarbonate lens for long life and good distribution of light. The bollard is mounted on a heavy duty mount with a built-in level and 4” anchor bolts that seat in concrete for sturdy mounting. All Access Fixtures’ commercial bollard lights are CSA wet location rated.

Outdoor Bollard Lights – Lenses, Reflectors and Refractors

Adjustable Reflector – Commercial bollard lights with adjustable reflectors are a great choice for providing a large amount of light around the bollard. The reflector obscures the light source while maximizing the light around the bollard.

IES Type V – Commercial bollard lights with IES Type V Glass throw controlled light through a prismatic borosilicate glass refractor 360 degrees around the bollard. It’s great for throwing light not only on the walkway, but on any type of landscaping next to the walkway.

Louvered – Commercial bollard lights with Louvers are a good choice for a more controlled light aimed to the ground. Like the Reflector bollard, the light source can’t be directly viewed. This enables a more powerful light source to be used than say an IES Type III or an IES Type V. The louver frame at the top of the bollard is only available in Black.

Installing Bollard Lights

Bollard lights should be installed by a trained electrician. However, understanding the installation process will help you make an educated decision about your bollard lighting purchase. The first thing to consider is that you will need to bury electric wires to power the bollard lights. Make sure that your intended location has this capability.

The mounting bracket that will attach to the base of the bollard must first be cast in concrete. To do this, dig a hole to a depth that will allow the bollard to be flush with the ground. Using a sonotube, run your electrical wire up through the opening and then fill with concrete. Make sure to leave enough slack to attach the wire to the ballast or socket in the top of the bollard light. When the concrete has been poured, place the mounting bracket in the center, ensure that it is level, and wait for it to dry.

The bolts of the mounting bracket will attach to the bottom disc, or mounting plate, of the bollard. Then, the bollard housing unit will slide onto the mounting plate and can be fastened into place with screws. Use your electrical wire to power the ballast or socket, and your bollard light is now ready for use.

LED Bollard Light News

Access Fixtures LED Bollard Light Featured at Green Technology Showcase in Pasadena

WORCESTER, MA, November 5, 2015—Access Fixtures, an industry leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, provided one of their energy-efficient LED bollard lights to be showcased at the Green Technology event in Pasadena, California. The Green Technology event was part of an ongoing effort to provide open forums where private-sector industry leaders in green technologies can communicate with business owners, property managers, and government officials who would benefit from energy-efficient updates. “We’re excited to have our LED bollard light featured because it exemplifies superior energy efficiency,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “LED lighting technology has arrived and is now providing significant return on investment. It makes sense for organizations to convert to environmentally friendly LEDs and to reduce their energy consumption.” Access Fixtures’ 15w LED bollard light reduces energy use by 87% compared to a similarly styled PSMH bollard light. The bollard light featured at this event was a 15w round dome top LED bollard with a specialized aluminum cone. The bollard uses LEDs mounted in the head of the bollard and sends light down and out. The emitted light achieves superior light distribution and efficacy by also reflecting off the specialized aluminum cone reflector. The bollard light was selected by a representative from Gonneville, Inc., a company that assists federal, local, and national governments with a wide range of environmentally conscious product solutions. With their display, Gonneville hoped to encourage local schools to convert their outdated HID property lighting to cost-effective, energy efficient, low-maintenance LED bollards made in the USA. Are you looking for a lighting solution for your commercial or public property? Call an experienced lighting...

Wildlife-Friendly 32w LED Bollard Light with Type 5 Glass Introduced by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, Mass., May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of commercial and sports lighting, is introducing its new wildlife-friendly amber LED bollard light, boasting the highest lumen output available in any of its bollards to date. Wildlife-friendly lighting minimizes light pollution in communities where excessive artificial lighting has potential to harm ecosystems, especially in coastal areas where sea turtles need a dark sky to orient towards the ocean. Access Fixtures’ 32w Amber LED Round Dome Top Bollard with Type 5 Glass produces light that is visible to humans, but not to most other species. “Wildlife-friendly LED bollard lights by Access Fixtures provide the necessary lighting to safely and responsibly illuminate coastal areas without disrupting the local ecosystem,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “The LED array is mounted in the top of the bollard facing down, with 120 degree optics. When combined with the high efficacy of Type 5 glass, this new bollard light produces a level of luminaire lumens superior to any other we have to offer.” Maintaining all the benefits of LED lighting, the amber LED bollard light minimizes disturbances in sensitive ecosystems. Species affected by artificial lighting can see wavelengths used in traditional light sources, but cannot see longer wavelengths like 590 nm used in amber LEDs. About Access Fixtures Access Fixtures offers commercial and sports lighting for less, and features light fixtures with LED, induction, eHID, PS-MH and CFL light sources that are long lasting and energy saving. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures can competitively build and custom finish luminaires and poles to the performance specifications required. Access Fixtures’ extensive lineup...

Brightest LED Bollard Light in Company History Introduced by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, Mass., April 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of commercial and sports lighting, just announced the brightest LED bollard light they have offered to date. Equipped with a 32w LED array and featuring Type 5 Glass, the bollard is offered in the most popular style, a round dome top. The bollard light sets a new high in LED wattage for bollard lights. Combined with a high efficacy of type 5 glass, the bollard produces a superior level of luminaire lumens for applications that require more light, such as parking lots that need to be lit without using high mast lighting. Bollard lights are ideal for illuminating parking lots, walkways, streets, and driveways of residential, industrial and commercial areas. “Before recent advancements in LED technology, property managers or electrical contractors would typically choose metal halide bollard lights for higher lumen applications,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “The new 32w LED bollard is the brightest LED bollard that Access Fixtures has ever offered, enabling our customers to achieve a high level of lumens with all the benefits of LED.” Rated LM70 at 100,000 hours, the new 32w LED bollard lights are long-lasting, energy-efficient, have a CRI of 70, and require virtually no maintenance. The LED array is mounted in the top of the bollard with the LEDs facing down and 120 degree optics. This limits light pollution while distributing light in a broad area and enhancing visibility. To withstand the elements, the bollard lights feature extruded aluminum housing treated with a chromate conversion coating. Access Fixtures LED bollard lights are Assembled in USA using domestic...

Recent LED Bollard Projects

LED Bollards Provide Ample Lighting for a Homeowner Association Walkway and Building Entrance

The manager of a homeowner association (HOA) recently contacted Access Fixtures seeking lighting for a sloped walkway that led to a building entrance in a gated community. There was a standard high pressure sodium wall pack affixed to a nearby building wall, but the light it offered wasn’t enough to make the walkway safe. How Much Light Does a Walkway Require? The first step we had to take was to determine how much light this customer actually needed. The walkway was five feet wide and thirty feet long with a fifteen-foot landing outside the front door. Some light reached the walkway from the wall pack and from the windows of the building, but for the most part, it was very dark. The customer considered adding a wall pack near the entrance to the building but was hoping to find a more effective solution. He wanted to find sufficient and reasonable lighting for the walkway and ramp. An Access Fixtures lighting specialist considered the use of the walkway and the level of existing ambient light to make an informed decision. Together with the HOA manager, they determined that all parts of the walkway should have approximately one foot-candle of light. The lighting specialist then suggested installing a series of energy-efficient LED bollard lights along the walkway at regular intervals to achieve the desired result. Finding the Right Bollard Light Bollards are available in a variety of styles and lamp types, making them a flexible lighting option for commercial and residential lighting. The HOA manager liked the style of the louvered bollards. However, photometric analyses of the different kinds of bollards...

Emergency Helipad Gets an Upgrade with LED Bollards for Pathway Lighting

The town of Roseboro, NC, recently approved the addition of an emergency helipad to be installed next to the town’s fire station. The addition of the helipad will greatly increase the town’s ability to quickly get patients the help they need. Lighting the helipad presented an interesting set of problems, but Access Fixtures was able to provide the exact lighting solution they needed. Bright Lighting for Safety in Emergency Situations In an emergency, every second counts. Also, no one under the spinning blades of a helicopter should have to feel around the shadows or fight the glare from an overpowered flood light. Roseboro needed to make sure the pathway was properly lit; there had to be enough light for people to safely travel to and from the helipad, but not so much that helicopter pilots would be blinded or distracted when trying to land. In other words, they needed fixtures that would be low to the ground and effectively distribute light.   Time and initial cost were also critical factors. Construction of the helipad was already well under way and the town wanted to find a cost-effective solution—fast. An Access Fixtures lighting specialist helped narrow down their selection—they were soon weighing the pros and cons of metal halides and LEDs. Roseboro decided to go with the LEDs, noting their cost- and energy efficiency, tremendous lifetime, and easy customization. Energy-Efficient LED Bollards Won’t Break the Bank LED technology continues to advance, and LED fixtures are now more affordable than ever before. They also offer significant long-term savings; they have a luminous efficacy that traditional fixtures simply cannot match. LEDs are...

LED Bollards for Assisted Living Facility’s Path and Patio Lighting

Access Fixtures was recently approached by a client seeking to light the pathway and patio outside of an assisted living facility. The customer wanted to make sure the lighting would be energy-efficient and was interested in our selection of LED bollards. However, the fact that they were lighting an assisted living facility raised a concern: Would the bollards be too tall and cause eye-level glare for the residents in wheelchairs? LED Bollards for Path and Patio Lighting Outside Assisted Living Facility in CA   The assisted living facility, located in California, was looking for affordable pathway lighting and patio lighting for the property. They were interested in LED bollards as the most energy-efficient option. A 15w LED bollard uses 87% less energy than an equivalent 100w PSMH bollard light, which makes for a significant savings on the utility bill. LEDs also have a rated operating life of 100,000 hours, virtually eliminating maintenance costs. Though they use significantly fewer watts than traditional fixtures, LED bollards make no sacrifices in lumen output. PSMH fixtures have rapid lumen depreciation, meaning they produce less illumination in exchange for much more wattage. In fact, a common criticism of LED lighting in general is that they can be a little too bright. Concern for Bollard Lights and Eye-Level Glare for Wheelchair Users The brightness of the LED bollards was certainly a concern. The facility proprietors wanted to provide a safe level of lighting for the pathway and patio without blinding any of their disabled residents. They were worried the light from the bollards would shine horizontally outward, directly into the eyes of anyone low enough...

LED Bollard Light Blogs

How to Choose Bollard Reflectors

With the numerous available options for outdoor lighting, choosing the right fixture for your project can seem a little daunting. There are style and operational choices to consider, such as installation location, design aesthetics, energy costs, local lighting regulations, and more. Bollards represent a versatile and durable outdoor lighting option for commercial or residential pathways, streets, and driveways. They look great and are designed to provide illumination without disrupting landscaping design or function. Bollard lights are typically vertical metal posts with a lamp containing an LED, a pulse-start metal halide (PSMH), or a high-pressure sodium (HPS) light. Beside lamp type, bollard lights have a variety of customizable options that allow them to provide the right amount of light in only the desired areas. Reflectors distribute emitted light in different ways to meet specific needs; a downward angle, for example, can satisfy dark sky–compliance regulations. Bollard Reflector Types The kind of bollard reflector you choose will depend on your specific needs. Access Fixtures has customizable bollard lights with four available reflector types: Standard Reflectors The standard reflector option is a cone and is best for traditional lamp types. Unlike LEDs, traditional fixtures such as PSMH and HPS are not directional lights; their light is distributed 360 degrees inside the cone, which then directs the light upward to a smaller cone. The smaller cone focuses the light in an even, downward-facing spread. Bollard lights with a standard reflector will provide soft light with little to no glare. Type 5 Glass Refractors Type 5 glass refers to the glass that encloses the lamp, called boracite glass. This custom option acts as a...

Bollard Light Season Has Begun

Early economic reports for Q1 indicate a slowdown in economic activity; in other words, the GDP is slightly off. This is thought to be due to the weather, influenced by record numbers of snow in the north. If you’re an electrician who frequently installs bollard lights, you probably did not need to read the economic report. If you’re in the Northeast, it didn’t take you too long to figure out that if you’re going to install a bollard, you’ll have to dig through several feet of snow before hitting rock hard ground. Now that the weather is warmer and the snow is melting, has bollard season begun? Access Fixtures recently received a call from a customer who had previously contacted us about bollard light installation in December, but had to hold off due to the weather. Fortunately, this customer is now able to install bollard lights at a high school. Orders for bollard lights have already started to pour in. As the ground thaws out in the north, let the bollard light installations begin. What’s new in our line of bollard lights? Last month, Access Fixtures launched four new LED bollard lights: 15w LED Round Bollard Light with Aluminum Cone, 15w LED Square Bollard with Aluminum Cone, 15w LED Round Flat Top Bollard with Aluminum Cone, and 15w LED Stainless Steel Bollard. These bollard lights include aluminum cone reflectors featuring 15w LED arrays with Samsung LED chips. Producing 2,089 lumens from only 15w of energy, the LED bollard lights produce the same output as many metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures. The LEDs are mounted in the head...

15w LED Bollard vs. 100w PSMH Bollard – Performance and Efficiency Comparison

Access Fixtures recently launched a new 15w LED Round Flat Top Bollard Light featuring LED arrays with Samsung LED chips. In addition to superior performance, the LED bollard light is now available at the lowest price Access Fixtures has been able to offer for LED bollard lights with integrated drivers. How does it compare to a 100w Pulse Start Metal Halide Round Flat Top Bollard Light? Looking at energy efficiency, the 100w PSMH bollard light uses a total of 129 system watts (129w PSMH system including the lamp and ballast) while the 15w LED bollard light only uses 17 watts (17w LED system including the driver), meaning the LED bollard uses 87% less energy. Based on $0.25/kWh, the annual energy cost to operate the PSMH bollard light totals $140.61.  When compared to the LED bollard – which costs only $18.53 – there is a significant difference of $122.08 in just one year. Fortunately, the LED bollard light does not sacrifice performance for energy efficiency, though it may seem that way when comparing the lumens from each light source. The 100w PSMH lamp and ballast produce 8,500 initial light source lumens while the LEDs and driver produce only 2,089, but this does not tell the whole story. The 100w PSMH lamp suffers rapid lumen depreciation. The mean lumens of a 100w PSMH lamp measured at 4,000 hours is 5,500 lumens. Design of the bollard light also matters. When energy use was not an issue, bollard lights were designed with luminaire efficacy of 24%. That mean the 100w PSMH lamp only emits 5,500 lumens of which 24% or 1,320 lumens are...

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