6 Pole 12 x 378w LED Club Tennis Court Lighting


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This Access Fixtures LED tennis court lighting system sets the industry standard achieving optimal recreational tennis match conditions, minimizing energy use, and virtually eliminating maintenance, the perfect marriage of performance, functionality and sustainability.

  • Maintains 47.36 foot candles over the entire court area
  • Achieves extremely low lighting variance with a 2.40 max/min
  • Reduces energy use by 50% as compared to pulse start-metal halide systems
  • Emits 140 lumens per watt
  • Rated for 100,000 hours (LM70)

Access Fixtures Recommended Layout:AFTennisCourtKitLEDClub378 Render

  • 3 poles placed on either side of the court
  • Two poles placed at center court on either side
  • Two additional poles are placed on each side, 45 feet from the center line on either end
  • 2 luminaires per pole
  • Light fixtures do not interfere with player’s line of vision
  • Provides balanced, even, superior illumination

LED Tennis Court Lighting System Components:

Six 4” Square Steel 20’ high poles

  • Finished in a Dupont Chromate Conversion Coating
  • Dark bronze finish standard
  • 11 Gauge thickness
  • Four 30” anchor bolts per pole
  • 10.5” square base plate

Six Mounting Arms

  • Supports 2 luminaires each
  • Dark bronze finish standard

Twelve 378w LED Luminaires

  • Emits 53,172 lumens per luminaire
  • Operates on 120v-277v
  • Rated for 100,000 hours (LM70)
  • Color Temperature of 5700K
  • Color rendering index of 70
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • ETL Certified, meets UL and CSA standards, RoHS compliant
  • Die cast aluminum construction
  • Assembled in the United States
  • Slipfitter Mounts included

Access Fixtures Lighting Specialists use the most advanced photometric software to create tennis court lighting solutions. If you have a specific requirement, or question, call a Lighting Specialist today to discuss the best lighting solution for your court!