6 Pole 6 x 1000w Pulse Start – Metal Halide (PS-MH) Recreational Tennis Court Lighting


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Product Description

Package Summary: 6 Luminaires hand assembled using a 1000w PSMH lamp and a quad tap PSMH Ballast, 6 – 4” square poles with full anchoring hardware, and 6 adjustable fixture to pole mounts/connectors.

Pulse Start Metal Halide (PSMH): This package is the best bargain as it pairs 6 PSMH fixtures, delivering 85,000 lumens each, with a very affordable price. The long lasting PSMH lamps have an average life of 20,000 hours, during which the fixture will maintain its lumen output measurements consistently. Very infrequently do these lamps need to be replaced before 20,000 hours, even in harsh temperatures, making these fixtures a perfect option for lighting your outdoor tennis court.

Layout: Our recommended layout for a single tennis court begins with a pair of poles centered at the net. A second set of poles is located 35’ to the left and right of the center pole to fill in the remaining area. With this set up the light fixtures do not interfere with a player’s line of vision, effectively providing superior illumination as well as reducing glare for players. Each pole supports one fixture, totaling six fixtures and six poles altogether.

Lamp Type: Access Fixtures uses 1000w pulse start metal halide for superior lumen output on an initial basis and over the continued life of the lamp.

Pole: 4”, Square, Steel, Chromate Conversion Coating, Dark Bronze, 11 Guage

Luminaire: Access Fixtures 23’ shoe box luminaires have a premium finish featuring super durable DuPont chromate conversion coating in a textured bronze color. This finish is applied over our high quality die-cast aluminum housings. Fitted with a mirrored reflector to increase light output, our fixtures also come standard with a tempered lens for safety.