During November and December, lighting is used as holiday decorations. Holiday lighting is beautiful, but illuminating buildings and trees is not only for Christmas. Landscape lighting maintains a property’s aesthetic all year long and enhances safety. Here are 5 top lighting benefits you may require.


  1. Landscape lighting accentuates certain features of a property, like lighting a tree, flowers, a flagpole, or a sculpture. These features are typically lost in the dark, but landscape lighting can put them in the spotlight at night.

  2. Flood lights can provide additional security for a property. People are less likely to participate in vandalism or other nefarious activity when an area is brightly lit. Employing vandal-resistant lighting can also protect the fixtures from vandalism.

  3. Landscape and building lighting draws attention to your business. People driving by a business notice businesses that are lit as compared to those that are dark.

  4. Outdoor lighting enhances pedestrian safety by reducing the chance of tripping and falls.

  5. Area lighting may be required to meet code or insurance requirements. Local code frequently sets minimal light levels at points of building egress, along walkways, and in parking areas.

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