Access Fixtures announced a new 77 watt LED wall pack that emits more light than a 250 watt metal halide equivalent while using 72% less electricity. The 77w LED wall pack will last much longer, providing uncompromised safety and reduced maintenance. The 77w full cut off LED wall pack is dark sky compliant as well as DLC qualified, qualifying for most energy rebate programs. Read more about the new wall pack and thoughts from CEO of Access Fixtures, Steven Rothschild, in the recent press release.

From a financial perspective, if a commercial building in Boston is planning on using wall packs, ten 250 watt metal halide wall packs on for ten hours a day, seven days a week the energy cost would be about $1,529 per year.  If the same building uses ten 77 watt LED wall packs, it would cost $423 or over $1,100 less.