Access Fixtures has recently sent a press release on their 2012 financial results. The sales people were especially busy this year as revenue grew an impressive 82% from the previous year. Access Fixtures attributes the high sales numbers to increased product offerings, providing extremely competitive prices and the growing market for lighting fixtures. Access Fixtures achieved this increased revenue by showing growth in areas such as tennis court lighting, basketball court lighting, and parking lot lighting. From its humble but hopeful beginnings in 2009 the team at Access Fixtures has tirelessly worked to bring its customers the best quality and value when it comes to commercial and sports lighting.

In 2012 Access Fixtures experienced growth in all product areas including wall packs, T5 lighting, bollard lights and LED lamps. Lighting technologies including eHID, LED lighting and induction are also experiencing growth. Looking forward to 2013, Access Fixtures plans on maintaining focus on energy efficient lighting, increased customization and offering the lowest factory direct prices in the market. The sales team is not taking any time off to celebrate the increased numbers, they expect to continue to increase revenue in 2013.