Area Lights

Access Fixtures builds LED area lights for all applications including port, freight terminal, parking lot, street light, and park lighting, as well as military, security and marine application lighting.

Built for standard or special applications, the area lights feature superior optics and can be ordered with full spectrum LEDs in a choice of Kelvin, high color rendering (CRI) LEDs, PC Amber LEDs, 590nm LEDs and more.

Use the left hand navigation as a filter. If you can’t find the area lighting solution that you meets your needs, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.

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  • 40w LED Dusk-to-Dawn Utility Barn Light 120-277v

    SAFI 40w LED Dusk-to-Dawn Utility Barn Light 120-277v


  • 10w solar work light

    SULI 10w Solar LED Flex Light, Area Light, Wall Pack


  • 15w solar wall pack

    SOLY 15w LED Solar Wall Pack with Photocell, 4K or 5K


  • 10w solar area light

    SULO 10w Solar LED Flex Light – Solar LED Area Light


  • FLOA LED Flood Light

    FLOA 25w LED Flood Light, Knuckle Mount, IP65, EXTREME LIFE


  • LED Area Light / LED Flood Light. Select Kelvin, optics, mounts and controls. 160-170 LPW. for maximum LED energy efficiency. Entry level price

    CARO 93 LED Flood Light – LED Area Light, 160+ LPW, 120-277v


  • LED 75w 100w 150w area light

    CARU 75w LED Area Light, 120-277v


  • LED 75w 100w 150w area light

    CARU 100w LED Area Light, 120-277v


  • FLOO led flood lights / exterior led spot light

    FLOO 41w LED Flood/Spot Light – Mounting Options, EXTREME-LIFE