WORCESTER, Mass., May 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures has announced new energy-efficient Low Voltage LED Bollards, adding to its extensive line of HID and LED bollard lights. Using low voltage enables landscapers, homeowners and others to install the bollards without hiring a licensed electrician, and can be easily integrated with new or existing landscape lighting. Low voltage LED bollards, like all LED bollards, provide superior lighting quality with reduced operating cost and low to no maintenance. Low voltage 15w LED bollards reduce energy use by 70% and last 30 times as long when compared to typically used low voltage 50w halogen lamps. LED bollards efficiently and safely light walkways in commercial, municipal and residential areas.

“Low voltage LED bollards eliminate the need for high voltage power running through the ground, which can be dangerous and expensive to install,” said CEO of Access Fixtures Steven Rothschild. He continued, “With the long life and energy efficiency of low voltage LED bollards and enhanced safety of low-voltage ballasts, our line of low-voltage bollards is the best option to light high-traffic areas and will help the environment.”

Access Fixtures’ low voltage LED bollards are available in seven different styles. They are built with Thomas Research low voltage ballasts and depending on model, LG LED or Xicato LED modules. The LED modules provide reduced energy consumption, low maintenance, and a life of up to LM70 at 65,000 hours. Low voltage bollards do not require a licensed electrician to install, and are compatible with many solar-powered systems for off-grid applications. All Access Fixtures bollard are manufactured with a high-quality cast aluminum head, extruded aluminum body, flush mounting base, and vandal-resistant screws for durability.

About Access Fixtures

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