WORCESTER, Mass., Aug. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures is introducing three new tennis court lighting packages designed for twin courts, locations where two tennis courts are located side by side. Each of the tennis court lighting packages is designed to meet either recreational, club, or professional tennis lighting requirements. Equipped with major USA brand name pulse-start metal halide lamps and ballasts, the tennis court lighting packages will provide thousands of hours of service for evening and early morning tennis court use.

“Providing tennis court lighting packages for side by side tennis courts was a response to frequent requests by municipalities, clubs, hotels and resorts,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. He continued, “Access Fixtures now provides standard packages as well as custom tennis court lighting packages, and all enable customers to achieve their ideal light and distribution levels over multiple courts.”

Access Fixtures twin tennis court lighting packages are developed by Access Fixtures lighting specialists using photometric software to test light levels and distribution levels, meeting either recreational, club, or competition level tennis court lighting. Equipped with major SA brand name 1000 watt pulse start Metal Halide (PSMH) lamps and ballasts, Access Fixtures achieves 96% of the mean lumen output of 1500 watt metal halide systems while reducing energy use and providing three to five times the lamp life. Luminaires are manufactured using heavy die cast aluminum, never extruded aluminum. The luminaires, poles, and hardware are finished in a chromate conversion coating and then powder coat for durability. Custom colors are available to complement adjacent architecture or club colors. To learn more about twin tennis court lighting packages or custom applications, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist or click here.

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