WORCESTER, Mass., June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures has expanded its comprehensive line of bollard lights to include a stainless steel bollard light with type 5 optics. Type 5 optics are the most popular optics featuring higher efficacy. Now the most popular optics are available with the most durable and high styled material for light bollards. Type 5 optics are popular because they emit the most light per watt and distribute light in a more broad area providing pedestrians with a superior visibility and an enhanced feeling of safety. Bollard lights are typically used to illuminate walkways in commercial, municipal and residential areas.

“Type 5 glass is our top selling optic for bollard lights, exceeding sales of both standard reflectors and louvers,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. He continued, “With the modern, attractive stainless steel housing and type 5 glass, the bollards have unrivaled style, durability, efficacy, and light quality.”

Stainless steel bollard lights with type 5 glass expands choices for Access Fixtures’ already extensive line of bollard lights. The bollards are available with a variety of light sources, including HID, CFL, and LED. Standard bollard height is 43 ⅜ inches. Custom heights are available. Beyond style, stainless steel housings prevent corrosion, rust, and stains caused by exposure to the elements. With enhanced durability, the bollards are ideal for high-traffic outdoor areas. All Access Fixtures light bollards are assembled in the U.S. with major brand-name lamps and ballasts.

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