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This week, the Access Fixtures team will be at the 57th Annual Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) National Convention & Expo in Baltimore, Maryland. Along with speakers and educational sessions, the convention brings together manufacturers, distributors and service providers from the U.S. to give electrical professionals the opportunity to check out innovative products.


Access Fixtures booth at the IEC Convention and Expo

At the convention, we will be displaying many of our latest fixtures that feature the newest LED technology, including our groundbreaking 567w LED sports lighter and LED vandal-resistant luminaires.


The LED sports lighter at the Access Fixtures booth.

The LED sports lighter is a 1,5000w metal halide equivalent and can be used for sports facilities as well as large outdoor commercial and industrial areas. Using only 567 watts of energy, the luminaire produces an astounding 140 lumens per watt and outputs 71,782 lumens. Rated LM70 at 100,000 hours, the LED sports lighter lasts 33 times as long as its metal halide equivalent.

Vandal-resistant luminaires provide a solution for property owners who are tired of replacing and maintaining wall packs and landscape lighting. These luminaires have LG LED light modules mounted on the outside of heavy-duty aluminum housing, eliminating a need for a glass lens. This prevents the luminaires from being damaged by vandals, rocks, vehicles or other hazards. Check out our LED vandal-resistant garage lighter, mini flood light medium flood light, and wall pack .

In addition to our sports lighters and vandal-resistant luminaires, Access Fixtures will display LED Exit & Emergency Light, LED Cutoff Wall Pack, LED Square Bollard with Type 5 Glass , and LED Stainless Steel Bollard.

The Access Fixtures team hopes to hear from our customers to find what they value when choosing luminaires for their lighting projects.