WORCESTER, Mass., Feb. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures reports that LG LED bollard lights have superior efficacy and significant energy savings compared to metal halide equivalents. Using only 12 watts, the LED bollard lights use less than 20% of the energy required for 50w metal halide bollard lights. While the LED bollard lights drastically reduce energy use, they also emit an average of eight times more light than the MH equivalents. The findings are from Access Fixtures newly published data based on photometric analysis. Bollard lights are ideal for outdoor applications to safely illuminate paths, walkways and landscaping.

“LED technology is constantly advancing, which causes LED products to drastically outperform other light sources,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. He continued, “The LG LED Bollard lights maximize light output and cut energy costs, while also having the potential to last five times as long.”

LED bollard lights have superior efficacy, emitting an average of 55.6 lumens per watt. The metal halide equivalents emit an average of only 6.9 lumens per watt. Equipped with 12w LG LED light modules, the bollards also reduce energy use by more than 80%. The bollards have a specialized aluminum cone reflector designed for use with the LG LED Module. The LG LED modules are rated for 50,000 hours of use, nearly eliminating maintenance. With increased light output, long-life and reduced energy use, the LED bollard lights safely illuminate desired areas while saving energy and maintenance costs. Contact Access Fixtures to learn more about LED bollard lights for your lighting project.

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