WORCESTER, Mass., July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures announced its line of LED tennis lighting is setting new performance standards using Toshiba LED luminaires. Facilitated by the rapid progression of LED technology, the new tennis court lighting packages are more efficient and more durable. Access Fixtures’ tennis court lighting packages with the new luminaires provide approximately 30% more light output at 20% lower cost. The increased light of the LED luminaires paired with photometric analysis by Access Fixtures’ lighting specialists deliver ultimate playing conditions.

“LED tennis court lighting works even better now with the new luminaires by Toshiba, and do so at a fraction of the typical energy use,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. He continued, “For projects where reduced energy use is a priority based on energy cost or due to a limited power supply, LEDs provide a logical alternative to tennis courts lit with traditional HID lights.”

The luminaires in the updated tennis court lighting package have lumen maintenance of LM85 at 100,000 hours, meaning the LED modules will maintain 85% of the initial light output at 100,000 hours. While the earlier luminaires delivered light output of 12,500 lumens, the new luminaires emit 17,000 lumens. In addition, the luminaires in the updated packages have a protection rating of IP66, providing advanced protection against water damage. With less energy consumption and a lower price, the LED tennis court packages provide faster return on investment. All tennis court lighting packages include light fixtures, square steel poles and mounting brackets. Packages have been designed and tested to deliver optimum lighting for recreational, competition, or club level tennis lighting.

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