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Access Fixtures has entered into a strategic partnership with MaxLite enabling Access Fixtures to expand its troffer luminaire product line to include LED troffers. Access Fixtures, already strong with T5 and T5HO troffers, now offers MaxLite ECO-T LED troffers. Known for quality LED luminaires built with leading LED components, the MaxLite ECO-T LED troffers enable Access Fixtures to bring LED troffers to every office and retail facility looking to save energy and reduce maintenance.

“These new LED troffers are incredible products that offer longer lamp life, better CRI, and less energy use as compared to most troffers currently in use,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. He continued, “LED lighting is the lighting of the future. Access Fixtures is constantly updating LED product offerings with our own products supplemented with top trusted brands like MaxLite to ensure that our customers can find exactly the type of fixture they need.”

The new MaxLite ECO-T LED Recessed Troffers are designed to emulate traditional fluorescent troffers, but use LED technology which offers incredible energy efficiency and extended lifespan. Available in 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ options, these fixtures are versatile, and suitable for many applications. Additionally, these troffers are DLC-approved meaning they qualify for many rebates. The life of these LED fixtures is 50,000 hours, more than triple the life of standard T12 linear fluorescents. Also with the LED linear lamps approximately 30% less light is wasted from light being thrown upward, a common drawback of fluorescent fixtures. They are also capable of dimming enabling daylight harvesting. With wireless remote controls the LED troffers can be dimmed while the occupant remains seated at his or her desk. Access Fixtures is proud to partner with MaxLite to further expand its already comprehensive LED luminaire offerings.

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