Access Fixtures team member and merchandising manager, Lindsey Allen, has earned her Lighting Specialist 1 (LS1) Certification from NAILD, the National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors. NAILD is an organization created to increase the effectiveness of lighting manufacturers and distributors through education and by providing pertinent information about the lighting industry and products to members.

Receiving an LS1 certification requires the completion of an online program broken up into modules. Modules include subjects such as probe start metal halide as compared to pulse start metal halide; the differences between fluorescent lighting types such as T12, T8 and T5; and LEDs. The information presented is based around the science behind lighting as well as how light is created, distributed, and seen. The LS1 program is designed to help people in the lighting industry become competent in their knowledge of lighting concepts and to document their achievement.

Congratulations Lindsey!