We at Access Fixtures are big tennis fans. As you may remember from my post about our beer Friday office Olympics, I am an athlete myself. Table tennis is the closest I come to real tennis nowadays, but I still very much enjoy watching it.


Tennis greatness is quite difficult to attain, but when it is achieved the results are nothing short of spectacular. Take a look at these top 10 tennis points:



In order to achieve greatness, these athletes honed their skills day and night, and required training facilities that allowed them to do so. In addition to top of the line equipment and gear, these athletes needed to be able to see the tennis ball coming their way at any time of day. Lighting is not to be underestimated when it comes to tennis facilities. Yes, considerations like clay or court are important, but what difference does it make if you can’t play when the sun is not high in the sky? A great tennis court lighting system can really help improve your game and your facility.


With options at varying price and efficiency ranges, Access Fixtures specialists are great at designing the perfect lighting system for tennis courts. Find out more about your tennis court lighting options, and give them a call today!