Wildlife Friendly Wall Pack Lighting Scenario

Wildlife Friendly Wall Pack Lighting Scenario

Occasionally an Access Fixtures customer will place an order online for a product that does not seem logical for their application. When the product ordered seem to not make sense, our lighting specialists will reach out to make sure the product selection was considered, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Wildlife friendly LED Wall Pack

Wildlife Friendly LED Wall Pack

A customer recently placed an order online for wildlife-friendly LED wall packs. These fixtures are typically used in waterfront locations to protect turtles, which need a dark sky to orient towards the ocean. With excessive artificial light, turtle hatchlings become disoriented and travel inland as opposed to going to the water. LED luminaires use a wavelength of 590 nanometers, which is visible to humans, but not to turtles. This wavelength is also used in state parks and national parks where the light does not affect the behavior of the wildlife.

An Access Fixtures lighting specialist observed the customer was using the wall packs at a mine in New Mexico. The mine wasn’t located on the coast or in an area where wildlife needs to be protected. Knowing the customer probably didn’t order the wall packs to protect wildlife, the lighting specialist called the customer to make sure they had ordered the correct fixtures. This is when we realized the customer was using the LED wall packs for a unique application. They had ordered correctly.

In New Mexico and Arizona, communities are particularly sensitive about light pollution. Light trespass is generally defined as light spilling onto a neighbor’s property, but it can also be in the form of someone being able to see the lights, or the lights disrupting a view. For example, it would be the equivalent of seeing a neighbor’s lights on their property, even if light from their luminaire isn’t spilling onto your property.

Since the mine was located on the hill, the customer was concerned that standard bright white LED lighting could be seen from miles around. By using LED wall packs, it still provides the necessary light for the operations at the mine, but it significantly reduces light pollution and cannot be seen as easily from surrounding areas.

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