Sports Lights

LED Sports Lights are the best choice for sports lights. LED sports lights win in every way as compared with legacy Metal Halide (MH) Sports Lights.

  • LED sports lights are 50% to 80% more energy efficient than MH sports lights reducing both overall energy use and electric company peak demand charges
  • LED sports lights are L70 @ 50,000 hours to 250,000 hours while metal halide lamps suffer rapid lumen depreciation, some lamps within 1500 hours, and need replacement
  • LED sports lights have less weight and lower effective projected area (EPA) compared with MH sports lights which reduces sports light poles requirements and expense

LED sports lights come in virtually every form factor and have multiple mounts, so they can easily replace MH sports lights. Precise optics put light where it is needed reducing light trespass. Dark sky compliant LED sports lights are available for most sports venues too.

Check out the selection below or call and Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 800.468.9925 to discuss your sports light project today.

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