Who said Commercial has to be synonymous with the color industrial bronze?

Not I! Often times industrial bronze is the appropriate color for a commercial project, but in some circumstances adding a splash of color can bring a building design to life.  I am a huge supporter of custom painting light fixtures because it allows a tailored color scheme to match a company’s branding.

I recently oversaw a bollard installation that is fully custom painted.  With over 20 custom painted LED bollard lights surrounding the exterior of this property, the owners were able to safely light the space and maintain the design aspects.  Custom colors help transform a lighting project into an aesthetically pleasing design element.  At one point buying commercial light fixtures was limited to white, bronze or black; however some companies now features around 200 custom colors.  Colors range from Sand Yellow to Papyrus White and many in between.  The custom color options have opened up new possibilities for commercial lighting projects. Click here to view the color offerings at a preferred lighting fixture company.

Custom coloring is not limited to bollard lights; in fact, the right company can custom paint anything from wall pack light fixtures to entire tennis court lighting setups.  A custom color capability aids in matching existing fixtures for retrofit projects.  Being able to choose from hundreds of colors allows customers to meet the aesthetic needs of their project.  The best colors used are a high quality powder coat finish over a chromate conversion coating.  The provider I most recently worked with proudly ensures that using a custom color does not compromise the weatherization or integrity of a fixtures coating. The colors offered were all standard RAL colors from a common color pallet format.  This standardized color reference allowed the client to compare shades of their existing colors on a common system for a confident color match.