Woof! Sue Manning, of the Associated Press, reported today that millions of dogs accompany their owners to work, and it doesn’t take “Take Your Dog to Work Day” to actually take your dog to work. All of us at Access Fixtures know this is true. At Access Fixtures we embrace bringing dogs to work and have at least two dogs, if not four, in the office nearly every day.


From left to right is (Molly, Louis, Abby and Winston)

Would your work days be a little brighter if you could bring your dog to work everyday? Or have your co-workers bring their dogs for a little lunch time entertainment?! Many other businesses are starting to allow dogs, and have found it helps employees be more creative and lifts the spirits of the overall work environment.

Nearly 1.4 million people take their dogs to work with them on a regular basis. By having a dog to pet or play with at any point of the day, the stress levels of employees decrease. Not only do dogs lower stress in the office, but also make work a lot more enjoyable. Animals can help break down barriers and initiate conversations between employees who may have never interacted before. Studies have shown that by allowing an employee to bring their pet to work, they are less likely to leave their job. Chances are if you are used to bringing your dog with you all the time, you will not leave for a job where your dog has to stay at home.

Our resident dogs Louie, Abby, Winston, and Molly (Shown above), are all rescued dogs. Louie is well known for his shenanigans, such as stealing your chair, or racing you into the kitchen. Abby can always be found by her pig-like snorting, and Winston with his happy tail whacking the ground, and Molly by his side.