What is more important to you or your customer, the quality of the light emitted or the amount of light generated per watt?  Color quality is a big part of lighting solutions.  It is measured by CRI which stands for color rendering index.  Access Fixtures pulse start metal halide (PSMH) luminaires are available with 68 CRI lamps or 90+ CRI lamps.  While the 90+ CRI lamps add only $25.00 to the price of the luminaire, there is a trade offs between CRI and Lumens per Watt (LPW).  For instance a 400w PSMH lamp with 68 CRI emits 44,000 lumens while the 90+ CRI lamps emit 30,500 lumens.  Is the trade off of 33% less light for significantly superior quality light worth the trade off.  It depends on where the luminaire is being used.

Access Fixtures lighting specialists can help you with your lighting requirements.  If you have technical questions, call.  Your questions will be quickly answered by one of our professionals.