WORCESTER, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Access Fixtures has announced the expansion of its LED High Bay product line with new high-output high bay lights. The newest LED high bays use as little as 32w of energy while emitting over 4400 lumens. The highest wattage available is 315w and produces over 44,000 lumens. More recently, the demand for high-output LED luminaires has increased, but the technology has not been powerful enough to provide the amount of light customers were looking for. These LED high bay lights are perfect for lighting indoor areas such as warehouses and gyms while helping cut energy costs and reducing maintenance.

“The expansion of our LED high bays has provided our customers with powerful luminaires that can be used in various indoor applications,” says Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. He continued, “More and more customers are looking to replace HID luminaires with LED and we are now able to provide energy-saving high bay lights in addition to the other LED luminaires we offer.”

The new LED high bay lights by Access Fixtures use an LED array with a CRI of 70+. The fixtures can produce between 4000 and 44,310 initial lumens while using a range of wattages from 32w to 315w. Customers can select the desired Kelvin temperature from available options of 3000K, 4100K, and 5700K, allowing them to choose the look of the light being emitted. In addition, these high bay lights have a rated life of 100,000 hours, greatly reducing the need for maintenance. This fixture is ETL-certified and manufactured in the USA.

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