Industrial Machine Shop in St. Louis Receives T5HO High Bay Lighting Upgrade

Industrial Machine Shop in St. Louis Receives T5HO High Bay Lighting Upgrade

A machine shop near St Louis, MO, recently contacted Access Fixtures to replace their existing light fixtures. Their old luminaires were most likely metal halides. The shop described the lights as big fixtures that took a long time to turn on and went dim over time; they added that the quality of the light wasn’t ever all that great.

A machine shop requires high-quality light, as the work being done within is often hazardous; anything less than total precision can introduce a number of new risks to the products and workers. The right lighting can make industrial spaces safer to work in, while the wrong lighting can make complex and potentially dangerous operations harder to perform.

The Challenges of an Industrial Environment

The customer’s industrial facility specialized in metal fabrication and machining. They had a large space that needed ample lighting in order to optimize the performance of the crews at work. Their current lighting had begun to flicker and dim and it had become difficult for workers to see what they were doing. When a light went out, production stopped and management had to figure out if the luminaire required a lamp, a ballast, or both. The process was unnecessarily complicated, a waste of time and money, and a nuisance for everyone involved. It was time for the old lighting to go.

The shop had a few goals with their new lighting: it had to be instant-on, provide consistent light levels, offer a high CRI, give off more light, and require less maintenance. The customer opted to replace all of the fixtures to start fresh. One of the biggest decision the shop had to make was between LED high bay luminaires or T5HO linear high bay luminaires.

High Bay Lighting for Machine Shops

High bay lighting is available in a variety of styles and is ideal for large commercial and industrial spaces needing a large amount of evenly distributed light. LED high bay luminaires were a possibility, as they met all of their goals, but Access Fixtures was able to provide superb-quality T5HO lights at a much lower price point. T5HO high bay light fixtures are extremely efficient. They use about 50% as much energy as metal halides and emit massive amounts of high-CRI light. T5HO lighting is instant-on and instant restrike, which means they can be turned on and off repeatedly and maintain full power. Also, T5HO lights provide significant energy savings compared to metal halides and impressive lumen maintenance; T5HOs remain consistent and reliable well into their estimated 35,000-hour lifetime. With a CRI rating of 85, T5HO lamps capture color far better than other lighting options out there, too. T5HO linear fluorescent lighting technology allows for uniform lamp-to-lamp color and consistency over time and a handful of control options. An Access Fixtures specialist determined that six-lamp T5HOs producing 30,000 lumens of high-quality light would give the shop the safe lighting it required.

Affordable Lighting Solutions

T5HO linear fluorescent fixtures are more efficient than incandescents, halogens, and metal halides. The customer chose fifteen 6-lamp 54w T5HO linear fluorescent high bay fixtures and four 4-lamp 54w T5HO linear fluorescent high bay fixtures to replace their old lighting.

Does your industrial space feel a little dingy? Are there shadowy, flickering dark spots in your store? It may be time to replace your lights. Call an Access Fixtures specialist today and find out how we can help you get a brighter work space!