LED Sports Lighting Fixtures: High-Powered, Long-Life

LED Sports Lighting Fixtures: High-Powered, Long-Life

led sports lighting fixturesWORCESTER, MA, September 2017—Access Fixtures launches high-powered KOTA LED sports lighting fixtures. These sports lighters provide high lumen outputs, limited maintenance, and tremendous lifetimes. These qualities and more make for unprecedented dependability and perfection for almost any sports court, from tennis, volleyball, football, soccer, to arenas, parking areas, and other outside areas requiring specific lighting levels.

KOTA LED sports lighting fixtures stand out from other sports lighter on the market in that they deliver up to 113,458 lumens each. These fixtures easily replace 10002000w metal halide fixtures. Rated L70 for 100,000 hours, these fixtures are virtually maintenance-free and their IP65 ratings certify that each fixture is completely protected against dust and water. Each KOTA fixture can be built in a range of CRIs (up to an astonishing 95), and can operate at a range of Kelvin temperatures. Their beam spread options make them able to illuminate recreational, club, NCAA, or professional-level sports courts at a cost far less than other sports lighters.


“These sports lighters feature patented passive-cooling heat sinks,” says Alan Rosinsky, of Access Fixtures. “Their unique heat-dispersion system dissipates heat before LEDs can be harmed.”


led sports lighting fixturesAvailable from 185 to 1200 watts, KOTA sports lighters have black electrophoretic deposition heat sinks, black powder-coated brackets, tempered-glass lenses, and black anodized and powder-coated reflectors, all of which are weather resistant to ensure durability in all conditions. Mounting the KOTA sports lighters is simple: An adjustable mounting bracket comes standard, which allows you to aim and lock the KOTA exactly where you need it. Choose wall-mounting for small-space sports venues, or direct pole-top mounting for larger areas. Their reduced weight and surface area means you’ll save big on pole costs, too.

Explore KOTA for an easy solution to achieve the exact light you or your end users require. Call an Access Fixtures lighting specialist today to determine the best KOTA fixture for your project.

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