Access Fixtures received a call from a client located in British Columbia, Canada looking to light a driveway with LED bollard lights. When speaking with the customer, lighting specialists were met with a challenge. The customer was only able to install the bollard lights on one side of the driveway rather than both. It was up to Access fixtures to propose appropriate bollard spacing along with a solution to ensure the majority of the light would be directed across the driveway rather than 360-degrees around the top of the bollard. Furthermore, the bollards could not shine into the drivers’ eyes as they pull into the driveway.

The solution to this lighting project was made easy with the use of Access Fixtures’ bollard spacing document as well as the use of a custom accessory. Lighting specialists suggested that bollards be placed approximately 5-8 feet apart along one side of the driveway. About half of the light was going to be lost to the area behind the bollard lights, so a 180-degree cutoff shield was used to help reflect the majority of the light across the driveway. Lastly, a standard reflector with a 10w screw-in LED lamp was used. The standard reflector directs the light downward to prevent shining in driver’s eyes and the 10w LED lamp allows for low energy use and easy maintenance.

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