Up to now virtually all LED luminaires were made with LEDs mounted directly into a heat sink.  They were typically wired in line and went back to a driver.  This caused multiple performance issues.  3 companies have developed LED modules that are replaceable, enabling LED luminaires to be repairable as well as forward retrofittable.  That changes everything.

The issue with past LED fixture construction was the LEDs were usually permanently installed, or if not permanently installed, at least installed into pre-drilled holes specific to the LED package being used.  The LED was then wired in series back to a driver.  If an LED failed, it was virtually impossible to fix the fixture.  Also, upgrading the LEDs was impossible.  There was not an effective was to change out all the LEDs.

That has changed with the advent of LED modules.  LED modules are LEDs that are fitted into a package that enables them to be quickly taken out of a luminaire.  If a LED module fails, it can be changed just like a light bulb.  If technology advances, and it will, the LED modules can be swapped for the more energy efficient LEDs or higher lumen LEDs.  Also, with some LED modules, even the optics can be changed.

Three companies are leading the charge with LED modules.

Xicato products come in multiple wattages, have changeable optics, and are available in luminaires now.  Xicato LED modules are available in luminaires from Access Fixtures.

Xicato LED module chip

Xicato LED Module

GE is introducing a product this year.  Current press releases list it as being available in a track light system.  So far it is listed for indoor applications only and has limited light output.  Click here to view the press release.

GE LED Module

GE LED Module

Bridgelux is the third company with an announced LED module.  The Bridgelux Helieon LED module  has won awards, but currently does not seem to be commercially available.  At the time of this blog, it does not appear to be available in a luminaire.

Helion LED Module

Helieon LED Module by Bridgelux

LED Wallpack with Xicato LED Modules

Adjustable LED Wall Pack with Xicato LED Modules Shown From Side & Bottom

Series C Wallpack with Xicato LED Modules

Xicato LED Modules in a Series C LED Wall Pack with Full Cut Off Optics

Area Lighting Luminaire with Xicato LED Modules

Xicato LED Modules shown with optics in an Area Lighting Luminaire for street lighting or lighting parking lots.  This luminaire is by Access Fixtures.

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