A prospective customer was interested in LED track lighting, but was concerned about the harshness of the light he had seen from LED lamps. The lighting was to be used for a nice office with artwork, so the quality of light was an important consideration.

Access Fixtures’ lighting specialists explained about Kelvin temperatures, where 2700k is warm light similar to incandescent lamps in households and 4100k is cooler white light. In Access Fixtures’ office building, we have an implementation using 3000k LED track lighting, which have attractive warm color that shows artwork nicely. With this knowledge, our lighting specialist recommended a similar color temperature for the client’s office building. 

Below are photos of the LED track lighting used in Access Fixtures’ office building.

IMG_8141 copy

IMG_8147 copy

IMG_8146 copy


To find the right lighting for your lighting application, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.