LED technology is constantly improving in energy efficiency, lumen output and module life while the cost is falling. For that reason, progress is enabling tennis court lighting systems to improve while prices fall. Access Fixtures has lowered the price on its newest LED tennis court lighting package. The LED tennis court lighting system achieves even recreational play lighting levels over the entire court area and is priced under $20,000. Read more about the price reduction and thoughts from CEO of Access Fixtures, Steven Rothschild, in the recent press release.

Access Fixtures’ newest LED tennis court lights produce an average of 21.6 foot-candles over the entire court area and a max-min ratio of an extremely low 1.79, providing superior, high CRI, white light for recreational or club level tennis matches. Each LED luminaire employed produces 15,000 lumens using only 164 watts, for an incredible 91 lumens per watt. These values are minimum average maintained footcandles.