Access Fixtures has introduced a new LED troffer family called the BASC – and LED basket troffer with high lumen output and excellent color rendering. The BASC is available in two wattages, 40w and 50w, and two sizes as well, 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′. These troffers are meant for standard suspended ceilings in cafeterias, offices, hospitals, and other commercial buildings.

This fixture is completely glare-free, owing to its basket design and rounded center LED lens. This fixture produces 125 lumens per watt, making it ideal to replace aging fluorescent fixtures.

BASC is also available in three different Kelvin options so that customers can truly customize the ambiance of their location. These fixtures are also completely flicker-free, which cannot be guaranteed with traditional fluorescent troffer lights.

Installing the BASC is simple – just remove the ceiling panel you wish to replace with a fixture, bend the hang buckle by 90 degrees, place the fixture into the T-bar, and connect the AC wires correctly. Make sure you consult a licensed electrician for help installing BASC LED fixtures. 

Can’t decide which BASC basket troffer fixture is right for your application? Consult with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist for help. Call 800-468-9925 or email