Recently, the demand for high output LED luminaires has increased, but the technology had not been powerful enough to provide the amount of light customers were looking for. This is no longer true. Access Fixtures released a new 23″ outdoor LED flood light. This shoebox flood light uses only 378w of energy and provides a light output comparable to a 1000w pulse start-metal halide lamp.  The LED flood light puts out over 53,000 initial lumens and is perfect for lighting tennis courts, parking lots, and other large outdoor areas.

The fixture uses an LED array with a CRI of 70+ and is able to produce 53,172 initial lumens using only 378w of energy. This 23″ LED flood light has an average rated life of 100,000 hours. Access Fixtures is able to reduce the number of LED chips used inside the luminaire to suit any application. Read more about the new LED flood lights and thoughts from CEO of Access Fixtures, Steven Rothschild, in the recent press release.