As LED technology advances and becomes increasingly popular, the demand for more stylized LED wall packs grows. Access Fixtures is meeting this demand by offering new LED wall pack designs that are modern and aesthetically pleasing. The latest LED architectural series wall packs are designed with a die-cast aluminum housing and CREE LED technology. The new LED wall packs are durable, energy-efficient, and long lasting. Additionally, the new models feature a clear glass lens, maximizing the light output from the CREE chips and improving the efficacy of the wall packs.

The new crescent shaped architectural LED wall pack uses only 40 watts and is a 70w MH true equivalent. It features a color-rendering index (CRI) over 75. Employing a clear glass lens, more light is emitted from the luminaire, allowing for greater efficacy. Read more about the new LED architectural wall packs and thoughts from CEO of Access Fixtures, Steven Rothschild, in the recent press release.