Access Fixtures has announced a brand new line of ecoWedge LED wall packs. These wall packs are incredible! They have purpose built housings specific to LEDs, and feature high quality components including LG Innotek light modules and Philips Advance Xitanium drivers.

Energy and cost efficient LED light fixtures are taking the market by storm. Some are concerned that LED luminaires don’t provide the same quality of light as some other luminaire options, but these wall packs have an impressive lifespan and lumen output. These fixtures can last up to 50,000 hours, and each light module produces 1000 lumens with only 12 watts of energy. These fixtures are available at 4,000K, 5,000K and 6,000 Kelvin. Additionally, all ecoWedge wall packs are rated for outdoor wet location use. Access Fixtures is excited to expand their wall pack offerings which now includes both traditional wall packs and the brand new ecoWedge line of wall pack light fixtures.

For more information on these and myriad other wall pack fixtures, visit Access Fixtures. Lighting specialists are available to answer your questions on live chat, or over the telephone.