APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v: L70@200,000+ Hours


APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v are outstandingly durable and versatile turtle-friendly wall packs. They are built with industrial-strength, die-cast aluminum housings and can be easily customized with your choice of housing color. Use the drop-down menu below to make these units your own and call 800-468-9925 to learn more about these units.

These units are turtle friendly but are NOT listed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). If your project requires fixtures that are listed by the FWC, please contact Access Fixtures today and we will be glad to help get you the fixtures you need.

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Product Description

Overview: APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v

APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v represent the latest in LED wall pack technology and commercial lighting design. With an astonishing L70 life of 200,000+ hours, intuitive and modular LED arrays, easy mounting, an IP65 rating and salt-spray certification, and quick shipping, these fixtures make wall lighting projects a breeze. Keep reading for more information and always feel free to fill out an Access Fixtures RFQ form or call us at 800-468-9925 to get in touch with a member of the Access Fixtures team.

Why Choose Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting?

The key to turtle and wildlife-friendly fixtures is indirect, amber-colored light. Turtles, shore birds, and other wildlife cannot see amber-colored light; thus, these luminaires are safe to install near the shore. Non-compliant lighting (below 560 nanometers) causes baby turtle hatchlings to move toward artificial lights instead of toward the ocean. Furthermore, non-compliant light deters other resident wildlife and also disrupts migratory bird patterns. More and more coastal regions are regulating light pollution by requiring all light fixtures to emit light above 560 nanometers. Choose turtle and wildlife-friendly luminaires from Access Fixtures to make your property compliant, protect wildlife, and provide safe egress for humans. These fixtures are also compatible with monochromatic security systems. Check out a recent Access Fixtures wildlife-friendly lighting project.

Lumen Output and Light Distribution Options: APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v

In efficiency, lumen output, and easy customization, the APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v are (if we do say so ourselves) pretty impressive. Their high efficacy and lumen output gives you the flexibility to mount the fixture at a wide range of heights and still receive a terrific amount of landed light. Of course, the height at which you mount your APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v will depend on your specific goals, but Access Fixtures makes it easy by offering a range of beam spreads.

If you need a wide swath of light, select a wider beam angle using the drop-down options at the top of the page. If, however, you need a narrower beam spread, select a lower degree. And, if you aren’t sure what you need, give Access Fixtures a call and our team will gladly help you select the perfect beam spread for your project.

Housing Design and Weather Resistance: APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v

APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v are designed for easy maintenance, honest performance, and reliability. They feature die-cast aluminum housings and corrosion-resistant polyester powder coatings. You can select black (RAL 9011), bronze (RAL: 8019), gray (RAL: 7004), or white (RAL: 9010) housings; simply make your selection with the drop-down menu above.

The LED modules in this fixture boast IP65 ratings. The IP rating system defines how protected a fixture is against dust and water ingress. Fixtures like the APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v with an IP65 rating are completely dust-proof and waterproof. These are completely prepared for the elements. Perhaps more impressive than this, they meet 1,000-hour salt spray certification per ASTM B117 and ISO 9227-2012.

Access Fixtures Warranty

These fixtures come with five-year warranties. Our customer service team, located in Worcester, MA, is always here to help address any after-sale questions or concerns that may come up. If your product is found to have a manufacturing defect, we will either replace components, the entire product, or issue a refund. We stand behind the quality of our products and pride ourselves in both customer service and open communication. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 800-468-9925.

Need a Photometric Analysis for Your Project?

APTO Wall Packs come with your choice of built-in LEDs optics, ranging from narrow 10-15° spot light beams, to very wide 90-120-150° beam angles. For details, see Access Fixtures beam angles discussion.

A photometric analysis is a computer simulation of a particular project. No matter what you are lighting, a photometric analysis is an easy way to quantify your light levels before making a big purchase. This service will provide average foot candles at various heights, max/min (uniformity) ratios, minimum foot candles, light trespass levels, and more. When the report(s) are generated, a lighting specialist will walk you through them, page by page, so you know exactly what you will be receiving. Call us at 800-468-9925 for more information about ordering a photometric analysis for your project.

Ready to Order the APTO 40 Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Pack 120-277v or Speak to a Lighting Specialist?

If you need some additional information about this fixture, give us a call at 800-468-9925. Of course, you can place your order online, right here, but our team is readily available to answer any questions that may come up. Does your project require multiple fixtures? Ask us about quantity discounts. We are here to provide anything you need to purchase fixtures and illuminate your project with confidence.


Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 12.8 × 7.48 × 6.3 in

Typically ships in 7-10 business days

Available Finishes

Black (RAL 9011), Bronze (RAL 8019), Gray (RAL 7004), White (RAL 9010)


Electronic 50/60 Hz

Color Temperature (K)

Amber 590nm


Die-Cast Aluminum Housing

LED Type

Sea Turtle & Wildlife Friendly LED

Light Source

Turtle & Wildlife Friendly


RoHS Compliant, CuL Listed, IP65, UL Listed


Wall Mount

Rated Life

200,000+ Hours

System Watts





5-Year Warranty

Light Source Included

LED Array Included

Light Source Lumens


Total Light Source Watts