HIIO Occupancy & Daylighting Control Remote Programmer


HIIO high bay occupancy and daylight sensors are pre-programmed. If you want to change the program to a custom program, you need this programming module. Note that the HIIO LED high bay luminaire must be equipped with the optional HIIO high bay plug-and-play microwave occupancy and daylight sensor.

Only 1 Required: Only one programming module will program multiple HIIO LED high bay fixtures

No Ladder Required: Stand on the ground while reprogramming the HIIO occupancy and daylight sensors

Maximize Efficiency: Minimize energy use with your custom occupancy and daylight sensor program

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  • Sensor Remote Must be Purchased Seperately

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 9 in

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Product Description

HIIO Plug-and-Play Occupancy and Daylight Control Remote Programmer Features:

  • Remote Plug-Play Occupancy and Daylight Microwave Sensor
  • Changes standard program for HIIO high bay occupancy and daylight sensor
  • One remote programmer will program multiple HIIO high bay occupancy and daylight sensors
  • – Set the output level (in %) of connected lighting during occupancy
    – Set the threshold of natural light levelfdor daylight harvesting
    – Set the light level/time required after the hold time has elapsed
    – Pre-program 4 separate modes which can be saved and transferred from one fixture to another

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