TEFA 17w Turtle & Wildlife Friendly Round Dome Top Bollard – Type 5, 347v


High-voltage, dome top turtle friendly lighting bollards with Type 5 optics emit 272 lumens. The 17w amber light meets sea turtle- and wildlife-friendly coastal regulations. With IP65 protection and broad light distribution, they are perfect for outdoor walkways in wet coastal environments. This energy-efficient bollard comes with a 0-10v dimmable driver, mounting kit, vandal-resistant screws, plus a range of options, including custom colors, custom heights, surge protection, and more. Choose the “Description” tab below for more information. Contact Access Fixtures at 800-468-9925 for quantity pricing and options.

These units are turtle friendly but are NOT listed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). If your project requires fixtures that are listed by the FWC, please contact Access Fixtures today and we will be glad to help get you the fixtures you need.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 42.25 in


Available Finishes

Black, Bronze, Custom RAL


Electronic 50/60 Hz

Color Temperature (K)

Amber 590nm


Wildlife Friendly


Extruded aluminum housing with flush-mount base and vandal-resistant screws. Internal driver tray.


Clear polycarbonate lens

LED Type

LED Array

Light Source

Turtle & Wildlife Friendly

Light Source Included

LED Array Included

Light Source Lumens



CSA: Wet Location, IP65


Mounting Kit with 8" Anchor Bolts Included.

Rated Life


System Watts

20w or Less

Total Light Source Watts





5-Year Warranty


Prismatic Glass, Round Dome Top

Product Description

TEFA TEFA 17w Turtle & Wildlife Friendly Round Dome Top Bollard Type 5 347v dimensions

Ground crews report the dome top form helps prevent people from leaving items on top of these turtle and wildlife lighting bollards. Upgrade them with your choice of options.

This high-voltage wildlife lighting bollard 347v features turtle-friendly amber light compliant with coastal light regulations, making it ideal for recreational parks, shopping and business centers, campuses, and other outdoor walkways. Its 272 lumens produce a broad 8-foot ring of light. It comes with IP65 protection against weather, built-in dimmable driver, vandal-resistant screws, plus a variety of options, including custom colors, custom heights, surge protections, and more.

Read below for complete information on the The TEFA 17w Turtle & Wildlife Friendly Round Dome Top Bollard – Type 5, 347v. Questions? Call an Access Fixtures team member at 800-468-9925.


Why Choose a Sea Turtle Lighting Bollard?

The key to turtle- and wildlife-friendly fixtures is shielded or indirect amber-colored light. For thousands of years, turtle hatchlings have used the moon and stars—the brightest lights in the sky—to guide them to the ocean. Turtles and other wildlife cannot see amber-colored light over 560 nanometers, thus these luminaires are safe to install near nesting areas. Non-compliant lighting (below 560 nanometers) causes baby turtles to move away from the ocean and instead toward artificial lights. Furthermore, non-compliant light deters egg-laying turtles, resident wildlife, and also disrupts migratory bird patterns.

More and more shore regions are tightening restrictions on light pollution by enforcing strict regulations on the fixtures installed in coastal communities. Choose turtle- and wildlife-friendly fixtures from Access Fixtures to make your property compliant while protecting wildlife and providing safe egress for humans.

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Turtle- and Wildlife-Friendly Bollard Lenses, LEDs, and Lumen Output

TEFA 17w Turtle wildlife lighting bollard 347v Round Dome Top Bollard - Type 5, 347v photometrics

The Type 5 bollard emits a 272 lumens. For precise lighting requirements, see this photometrics report or call an Access Fixure lighting specialist.

The 347v TEFA 17w Turtle & Wildlife Friendly Round Dome Top Bollard has a Type 5 clear prismatic borosilicate glass refractor sealed inside a clear polycarbonate lens. Type 5 optics provide broad light distribution in a diffused beam. To learn more about different bollard optics, see our article, How to Choose Bollard Reflectors.

The low-maintenance, remarkably efficient LEDs emit 272 lumens and boast a L70 rated lifetime of 147,000 hours—over 16 years! The amber-colored light appeals to humans and is safe for turtles, migrating birds, and other wildlife.

These high-voltage wildlife lighting bollard includes an electronic dimmable driver. The internal ballast tray allows easy access when driver maintenance is needed.


TEFA 17w Type 5 Wildlife Lighting Bollard 347v Housing, Hardware, and Mounting

This turtle friendly lighting bollard has a corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum housing with dome top and a flush mounting base. Choose textured architectural bronze or black powdercoat finish over a chromate conversion coating. Or, you can upgrade your bollards with an RAL custom color.

The Type 5 sea turtle dome top bollard measures 7” in diameter x 42.25” standard height, and weighs 27 lbs. It includes a mounting kit with 8˝ anchor bolts and vandal-resistant screws for secure installation. Choose this durable fixture to enhance outdoor spaces, save on energy costs, and at the same time, benefit turtles and other wildlife.

See Access Fixtures’ Custom-Painted Commercial Luminaires in RAL Colors to learn more about your color options.


TEFA 17w Turtle & Wildlife Friendly Round Dome Top Bollard – Type 5, 347v Ratings and Listing

TEFA 17w Turtle & Wildlife Friendly Round Dome Top Bollard - 347v

High-voltage louvered wildlife lighting bollard 347v bollards are ideal for commercial and industrial installations.

This TEFA 17w wildlife lighting bollard 347v is designed especially for coastal environments and includes:

  • Type 5 prismatic glass refractor
  • CSA ratings for wet locations
  • IP65-sealed compartment protects the LED from dust and weather
  • ANSI/UL 1598, 8750
  • Efficient 17-watt system
  • Dimmable driver
  • 347v for commercial and industrial installations


Optional Upgrades for Type 5 Wildlife Lighting Bollard

Customize your turtle friendly lighting to suit your requirements. Options include:

  • Custom RAL Color to accent environment or maintain brand
  • Customize heights from 24″ – 40″
  • Surge Protector – Protects the fixture from lightning strikes and other sudden jolts of electricity.
  • Preship your anchor bolts to prep for installation ahead of time.

Please contact Access Fixtures for information about emergency battery backup for this fixture.


TEFA 17w Dome-Top Bollard Warranty

This high-voltage turtle and wildlife lighting bollard  comes with a 5-year warranty in a -40°F to +104°F environment.


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