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Access Fixtures post top LED retrofit lamps for decorative street lighting and antique street lighting are now available at a significantly reduced prices. This enables municipalities and property managers to easily retrofit antique street lights from HID sources to energy-efficient, long-lasting LED. The reduced prices are available for the 45w Post Top LED Retrofit and 30w Post Top LED Retrofit. Access Fixtures LED post top retrofits are self ballasted for easy installation.

To retrofit the luminaire, remove the ballast, direct wire the socket, and screw the new LED post top retrofit into the existing socket.

The LED post top retrofits replace existing metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps and ballasts. Compared to a 150w high-pressure sodium lamp and ballast which uses 188 watts, the 45w LED lamp emits more light and reduces energy use by 76%. Based on use of 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and energy cost of $0.15/kWh, energy savings would be approximately $94 a year per luminaire. The post top LED retrofits are rated for 60,000 hours, which also significantly reduces maintenance costs associated with HID lamp and ballast replacement.