A church in Lebanon, Pennsylvania had several antique street lamps with outdated mercury vapor fixtures. Before more efficient lighting technologies were introduced, past decorative street light installations often used mercury vapor as a light source. As discussed in a previous blog post, mercury vapor lamps have rapid lumen depreciation and continue to burn on but never burn out. Because of this, they’re often using 100% of the energy without serving a purpose.

 As a solution, Access Fixtures provided the church with seven post top LED lamps and fixtures. Unlike mercury vapor, LEDs have minimal lumen depreciation over the lifetime of the LED module. LEDs are ideal for antique street lamps due to their durability, energy efficiency and longevity.

Post-top LED lamps can be paired with fixtures with medium based sockets, or as retrofits for any antique street lighting with existing HID luminaires. Access Fixtures offers post-top LED lamps in 30w and 45w.

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