A customer recently contacted us looking for a round outdoor riding arena lighting solution for her 60′ riding arena. Cost and evenness of lighting were both important factors in her end decision.

The Proposals

Since cost was a major factor in our customer’s decision making process, we compared four potential photometric studies utilizing a combination of CARU 240s and APTI 450s with different pole heights. CARU is a more cost-effective fixture with fewer custom options than the APTI but it is a great choice for outdoor riding arenas. Click on the image to the right of the text to view the four potential solutions.


The Best Solution

The solution for a round outdoor riding arena lighting that provided the highest average footcandles, the best L70 rated life, the best value, and the shortest poles ended up being the solution utilizing 4 20′ poles with 4 APTI 450s. Even though the CARU solution ended up being cheaper than the APTI 450 solution with four 20′ poles, this package boasts a better max/min ratio as well as a longer L70 life, higher IP rating, and higher average footcandles.

This particular package includes 4 sports lighters with Type 4 medium optics with backlight shielding, 0-10v dimming, and 4000K. APTI is also IP67 rated against full submersion and any dust intrusion.


Click on the photometric icon below to see the full photometric that the customer chose for her project!



60' round arena lighting options
round outdoor riding arena package photometric
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