Access Fixtures’ new low cost Tennis Court Lighting System is available nationwide and reduces the cost of lighting sports facilities.

“We’ve really tried to make it simple and inexpensive to light a tennis court or courts.”

Access Fixtures is a leading source of premium quality sports lighting, including a complete line of sports lighting for single court and multiple court Tennis Courts. Our tennis court lighting packages includes everything required to effectively light tennis courts including the poles, light fixtures, bulbs & mounting equipment. The products are all commercial grade. They are great for use in public tennis courts, schools, tennis clubs, resorts, country clubs, apartment and condominium complexes, hotels and private residences too.

“We’ve really tried to make it simple and inexpensive to light a tennis court or courts,” said Lighting Specialist Nathaniel Cobb. “All our tennis court lighting components are made in the USA or assembled in the USA using USA major brand name lamps and ballasts. This provides our clients with quality and durability.”

Access Fixtures has researched the science of a properly designed tennis court lighting system. It should not only light the surface of the tennis court, but also effectively light the tennis ball in its flight across the tennis court. The proper quantity and location of poles and fixtures will insure that this objective is achieved. Our Tennis court lighting package are available with 750w, 875w and 1000w pulse start metal halide systems for superior lumen output on an initial basis and over the continued life of the lamp. The luminaire is produced with a forward throw reflector system designed to project light only onto the court area. This reduces light trespass as well as minimizing glare which can adversely affect the players’ performance.