Is Tank the world’s luckiest dog?  That may be debatable, but luck was in Tank’s favor today.  Tank is an older Miniature Pinscher.  He somehow got separated from his family that loves him this past Monday and wandered about a mile from his home.  While that might not be surprising, what is is that Tank is blind and wandered 4 days and over a mile in the inner city.  He eventually made it to across the street from 40 Jackson Street which is where we work and fell into a 12’ deep window well/pit.

Nat saw somebody looking into down into the window well and decided to go look at what the person was looking at.  Nat found Tank.  Josh and I got Jeff, the building owner.  We got a ladder and Jeff climbed down to get Tank, got him and then climbed up and handed Tank to me.  Tank was very sweet, eventually responding with doggie kisses!

Tank is rescued! Let’s bring him to his home!

Tank is Reunited with His Mommy!

Tank is happy, reunited with his mommy!

Some of you are probably wondering how we know Tank’s name.  Nat thinking fast went into the office and looked on Craigslist, where he found the ad for the missing dog.  He called the owner and we agreed to meet the owner at Dunkin Donuts.  Jeff and I drove Tank back to his Mommy and Daddy.  When he sniffed them, remember he is blind, he was extremely excited.  It was a very happy ending!

View the video of our dogs at play.  Just Another Good Dog Day at Access Fixtures

There are not any light fixtures in this blog.  Tank wasn’t rescued with a light bollard or induction high bay.  At Access Fixtures we are enthusiastic about lighting, but we love animals and especially dogs.  Almost every day, 5 dogs come to work with us in the office.  There are 2 Pugs, 1 Miniature Schnauzer, a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, and a Jack Russell puppy.  All except the puppy are rescues.  Today we helped a number or customers save money on their purchases and those customers will reduce their energy bills, but even better, we saved Tank!