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Decorative Street Lighting

Outdoor decorative street lighting is available with LED, screw-in CFL, and HID lamp types. Luminaires, poles and hardware are protected from rust and corrosion while USA brand names ensure reliability, low maintenance, and low energy costs for your roadway, parking lot, or outdoor area application.

Decorative Street Lighting Built to Last


Weatherproof and Durable

Luminaires, poles, and hardware are protected from rust and corrosion by a chromate conversion coating followed by a powder coat of paint. The consistent durability of every component ensures years of hassle-free lighting.

Brand Names You Trust

Utilizing major USA brand name products ensures reliability, low maintenance, and low energy costs. Each fixture is wired and bench tested for quality at one of our many production plants throughout the United States.

Energy Saving Technology

Better HID with Pulse-Start Metal Halide

Pulse-Start Metal Halide (PS-MH) is the latest in HID Lighting. It outputs the equivalent of the older, higher wattage metal halide lamps while saving 33% on energy cost. PS-MH puts out very extreme amounts of white light and is perfect for safely lighting your desired area.

LED for the Environment

Access Fixtures decorative street lighting is also available with a 45w screw-in LED that puts out enough light to replace a 150w high pressure sodium lamp. Luminaires are rated for 50,000 hours, meaning you have a long lasting solution with years of payback.

Lighting for Any Public Area

Complete Decorative Lighting Packages

When ordering decorative street lights from Access Fixtures, you can be sure that each package contains all poles, luminaires, lamps and mounting hardware necessary for a complete and easy installation.



Decorative 4″ fluted poles are 16′ in height and can be cut to custom heights. These poles are constructed of extruded aluminum and feature a black powder coat finish, hand hold cover with stainless steel hardware and mounting bolts. O.D. x .120 (11 Gauge).

The base cover is a two-piece decorative wrap-around piece constructed of sand cast aluminum. 32.25″ high x 12″ diameter with a black powdercoat finish and stainless steel hardware. A shorter base is also available: 15″ high x 11.75″ diameter.

Mounting Options

Other than mounting these luminaires on your existing poles, Access Fixtures offers a variety of mounting options for decorative street lights. Pole mounted luminaires come with a 16′ decorative pole, base cover and all necessary mounting hardware. If more light is desired, twin mounting brackets that allows two luminiares on each pole are available. A wall-mount bracket is also available for all decorative street lamps.


Custom Designed Layouts

Does your town or driveway have existing poles or other unique requirements? Our lighting specialists can help explore your product options and layouts. A custom street lighting solution can be specified to meet your needs.

Hundred of Options

Three different globe styles and multiple decorative accessories allow you to customize the look and feel of your luminaires and mounting systems.


Each globe is blow-molded textured acrylic to achieve high efficacy and a long durability. There are large and small bostonian shaped globes, as well as a victorian style globe available.


Each style of globe is available with your choice of ornamental features such as decorative bands and arms. Every fixture is available with either a “spear” or “fleur-di-lis” finial.

High Quality, Low Pricing

Factory Direct Pricing

Don’t compromise on quality. Decorative street lights and hardware ship directly from assembly plants in the United States and are priced to save you money. They contain everything required, short of the concrete and installation team.

Free Shipping

Don’t concern yourself with the shipping costs. All Access Fixtures decorative street lighting packages ship free to the contiguous US. This is an added benefit for our valued customers and is available only through Access Fixtures. Use coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout.



How Can I Update My Decorative Street Lighting?

How Can I Update My Decorative Street Lighting?

Our customers often have questions for our lighting specialists that can be answered in multiple ways depending on several considerations, including budget and time constraints. Recently, a customer sent an Access Fixtures lighting specialist a photo of...

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