Wondering what the ‘B’ stands for? Well, that is a secret that we at Access Fixtures, are not prepared to share with you.


Just kidding, it stands for beer.


Every Friday at Access Fixtures is beer Friday starting at 4:00PM. Fridays are exciting enough, but these beer Fridays are even more fun for the whole staff, and the other people with offices in the building. With a beautiful game room including a vintage pool table, Foosball  and ping pong, beer Fridays can get extremely competitive. One day maybe we’ll have an office Olympics  Every company for themselves! I’ll post photos of my gold medals when I take them home. Doctor, professor, fish, athlete, there’s nothing I can’t do.


Anyway, this beer Friday I have been sharing updates with the Twitterverse. You can find all of our tweets from today below. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and keep reading the blog for useful info and tidbits on lighting, technology, and green energy!

10:59 am – It’s #beerfriday at Access Fixtures! Keep up with the hashtag and see what today brings! #bollardsohard


11:20 am -Weloves to dance! Check out our #beerfriday moves.  https://flixel.com/flixel/ffd84fed644aae4bace5?__lsa=d09bcc73 …#bollardsohard


12:40 pm – It’s lunchtime at Access Fixtures. Counting down the hours! 3hrs 20minutes till #beerfriday! #bollardsohard


12:50 pm – Normally we have some pugs at Access Fixtures. #beerfriday isn’t the same without them! Check out Louie hard at work:pic.twitter.com/3fTFMcqh


1:12 pm – Meet Billy: https://flixel.com/flixel/1ff50493741c3d67206a?__lsa=e3d3d96f#.UEoqHSKP1pg …#bollardsohard Want to learn more about bollards? Click Here! #beerfriday commences.


2:23 pm – A lighiting specialest gets his PM boost. #beerfriday  #bollardsohard He’s sitting on a round bollard: http://blog.accessfixtures.com/product-p/af33xbofrllf1x12u.htm …pic.twitter.com/U0iWQHnl



3:30 pm – Our game room is looking great! 30 minutes till #beerfriday! #bollardsohard pic.twitter.com/0azN917J


3:53 pm – Fill yourself with some beer and cheer to celebrate the end of another wonderful week! Happy #beerfriday! #bollardsohard (in 7 minutes)

So, to say the least, it has been a wonderful beer Friday. We had quite a bit of fun with bollards (see the tweet about Billy bollard if you need some reminding). Click here if you are interested in learning more about bollards.