The existing fixtures using incandescent light bulbs.

A property manager contacted Access Fixtures looking to update lighting at a historical building in Ohio. While the building already had light fixtures surrounding the parking area and walkway, they were far from aesthetically pleasing and failed to safely illuminate the property for visitors. The property manager wanted an energy-efficient and maintenance-free solution.

Inadequate Lighting

Lighting specialists had to deal with two major factors. Most importantly, the existing fixtures used 60w incandescent bulbs. These lamps did not produce enough light output for the walkway and parking area—but still used a lot of energy. Also, due to the short lifespan of incandescent bulbs, the bulbs were constantly burning out and in need of replacement. No one wants to waste excessive amount of energy when they’re not achieving the desired amount of light.

In a Word – Ugly

Another major issue was the overall unattractive design of the existing lighting system. The decorative jar lights were mounted on wooden posts of various heights that were inconsistently spaced around the walkway and parking area. Moreover, the wooden posts were starting to rot and break down. What likely started as someone’s attempt to create a complement to the historical building, resulted in an unattractive and ineffective lighting system.

The Solution

Access Fixtures lighting specialists designed a lighting system using 10w round dome-top LED bollard lights with type 5 glass. Compared to the existing incandescent lamps, LEDs are rated to last up to 100x longer. The LED bollard lights  nearly eliminate maintenance costs related to replacement and installation of the lamps.

Furthermore, each lamp uses only a fraction of the amount of energy the incandescent lamps use while safely and effectively illuminating the space. Type 5 Glass emits the most light per watt and distributes the light in a broad area, providing visitors with superior visibility.


The new LED bollard lights.

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