vapor tight T5


For a long time now, the vapor tight T5 selection has been missing a crucial attribute…


That’s right.  Vapor-tight fixtures are now offered with the photocell option while maintaining their wet location and vapor ratings.  This recent development will certainly change the capabilities of vapor-tight lighting.  In the past, settings with a high degree of dust, debris and water vapor could only be lit with standard vapor-tight fixtures.  This meant that the fixture could only be manually turned on and off, instead of having an ambient light sensor that triggered the fixture to turn on.  This limitation was due to an inferior photocell input design; causing the rating of a vapor-tight fixture to be nullified if a photocell was installed.

Recently the photocell input on vapor-tight units were redesigned allowing the fixture to preserve its wet location and other ratings.

Vapor tight T5 high bay fixtures have opened new possibilities for placement and applications. Corrosion, splashing water, heavy rain, and even icy conditions are no longer limits of high bay fixtures. The addition of a photo cell allows the unit to recognize the light index outside and turn the fixture on when it is needed. It is perfect for almost any outdoor application. The T5 high bay with a photo cell is the most up to date technology currently available to consumers for high bay lighting. They provide energy savings and require very little maintenance, making them a perfect solution for even the roughest outdoor conditions. As this feature is very new it currently must be requested by phone when placing an order.

Historically these locations may have had to be lit with HID fixtures.  It’s relieving that T5 technology are now an option as well.  Why? The benefits of using linear fluorescent fixtures are discussed below:

Fluorescent lighting is extremely efficient. It uses about 50% of the energy that metal halide does and emits massive amounts of high CRI light.  This lamp type is instant on and instant re-strike, providing high quality level energy savings and thanks to impressive lumen maintenance the energy savings continue to the length of the lamp immediately when it’s needed.  The CRI of these lamps guarantees that more visible light is thrown than older technologies. This lighting technology allows for a uniform color, lamp to lamp and consistency over time.  Fluorescent lighting offers flexible switching and control options, high light output with great light color and quality on – off speeds.