Why choose a full cutoff wall pack? Many of our customers ask us what the benefit of this style of wall pack is over another style such as a forward throw wall pack. There are both functional and aesthetic differences between full cutoff wall packs and other styles. There are also many other reasons why a customer might choose this style of wall pack.


Aesthetic Appeal

Even before the other benefits, someone might want a full cutoff wall pack simply because of how they look and distribute light. This style of wall pack looks great outside shopping and retail centers, municipal buildings, warehouses, and more.

Furthermore, some full cutoff wall packs distribute light in a way that draws attention to the sides of a building, such as the downward facing HAMA wall sconce. Full cutoff wall packs are a stylish and functional way to illuminate buildings.


Dark Sky Requirements

In certain parts of the country, there are requirements in place preventing light pollution, such as in picturesque Sedona, AZ. Uplight, or the light that leaks upward from a light fixture, is a major source of light pollution that can make starry skies look bland and dull. Full cutoff wall packs like the CUDL are both long lasting and provide ample light while meeting dark sky friendly requirements.


Wildlife Friendly Requirements

In certain beachfront communities, light fixtures need to be “turtle friendly,” or long, low, and shielded. This means that in addition to being amber (about 590 nanometers in wavelength) they also need to be full cutoff and possess shields, or baffles, to direct the light into a narrow beam. These requirements prevent wildlife from being negatively impacted by white light created by humans.

The HEZE is a full cutoff wall light that is turtle friendly and also available with baffles to make it completely FWC approved.


And Neighbor Friendly Too!

Full cutoff wall packs are also great for densely populated residential areas where light trespass could be a major issue. If you’re worried about your wall packs shining into your neighbors’ windows, a full cutoff style like the NOBA mounted fairly low to the ground will be your best bet.