Jelly jar lights are a specific type of vapor proof fixture. Vapor proof fixtures, or vapor tight fixtures, are industrial fixtures that are sealed, gasketed, and rated for damp or wet locations. Jelly jar vapor proof fixtures are called this because their housing resembles a Mason jar, yet the protective outer cage protects them from smashing or breaking.

Common locations you might find a jelly jar light fixture include:

  • Barns and stables
  • Tunnels 
  • Maintenance buildings
  • Building exteriors
  • Pool and swim areas
  • Emergency warning lights (red lamps)
  • Safety communications indicators (blue lamps)

Jelly jar light fixtures can be mounted via wall mount, box mount, or pendant mount. 

Why Medium Socket Jelly Jar Lights?


Access Fixtures knows that lighting versatility is important to customers. We have two styles of jelly jar fixture that are medium socket, which means they have the ability to accept any A19 or A21 lamp. This allows people to fully customize their jelly jar. Need a soft, warm light for a barn project? Choose a 3000K lamp. Need a lamp that will match high pressure sodium? Purchase a 2200K lamp for your fixture. In addition, colored lamps are available for purchase online as well as turtle friendly amber and higher Kelvins. Medium socket jelly jar lights are still IP65 rated and protect against water and dust intrusion just as well as their LED array counterparts.

Why Do Vertical and Horizontal Illuminances Matter?

Why Do Vertical and Horizontal Illuminances Matter?

Depending on the type and level of play of your specific application, the required light intensity measurement will differ. Illuminance, also known as incident light or brightness, refers to the amount of light that hits a surface. The only way to be sure that proper...