Our lighting specialists frequently receive questions regarding our LED retrofit kits. Recently, a customer asked if the retrofit kits will fit in a full cutoff wall pack by Lithonia. Previously our lighting specialists may have answered, yes, as our LED retrofit kits were designed to fit most wall packs as well as a number of other fixtures. Today the answer has changed.

Who Cares if an LED Retrofit Fits Inside a Wall Pack?

Why should you choose LED retrofit kits instead of brand new fixtures, anyway? About the only reason someone may want to retrofit a wall pack to LED is for architecturally unique fixtures that have historical value. Retrofit kits, and at this point it typically means LED light bulbs, enables property managers to maintain the look of the fixtures while making them more energy-efficient.

Retrofitting a Gothic Wall Pack That is Integral to the Architecture of the Building

For example, a property manager may want to retrofit a gothic wall pack that used HPS. This is easily achieved by removing the existing ballast and direct wiring the socket to the power source. The next step would be to install a 2200 Kelvin LED light bulb with the proper base size and voltage into the socket. That’s is. The wall pack is retrofitted. If you have questions call an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 800.468.9925.

Retrofitting a Wall Pack with an LED Retrofit Kit for the Rest of Us

Here is the simple answer. Don’t bother. The cot of LED wall packs has fallen to the point that it isn’t worth retrofitting a wall pack with a kit. The new LED wall pack will last longer, have superior optics, use less energy, and will look far better. The days of wall pack LED retrofits is over, short of a good reason, and there really are not many good reasons.

Do you have a good reason to retrofit an old wall pack with an LED retrofit kit?

Discuss your lighting project with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist. Call 800.468.9925 and speak with a lighting specialist. Get all the possible solutions and then get your high performance lighting solution.

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