Our lighting specialists frequently receive questions regarding our LED retrofit kits. Recently, a customer asked if the retrofit kits will fit in a full cutoff wall pack by Lithonia. The answer is simple: Yes! Our LED retrofit kits are designed to fit most wall packs as well as a number of other fixtures.

Why should you choose LED retrofit kits instead of brand new fixtures, anyway? While not always the best option, the LED retrofit kits offers a fast and easy method for property managers and electrical contractors to update to LED without the added cost of purchasing new fixtures. For architecturally unique fixtures that have historical value, retrofit kits allow property managers to maintain the look of the fixtures while making them more energy-efficient.

Access Fixtures LED retrofit kits are available in 25w or 50w and can reduce energy costs up to 85%. The 25w retrofit kits replace up to 150w HID lamps and ballasts, while the 50w replaces up to 250w lamps and ballasts, This means that they are able to produce similar light levels using only a fraction of the energy. Although LED produces less lumens than HID, it is a directional light source and provides the light where it is needed instead of all directions. Rated LM70 at 50,000 hours, the LED retrofit kits are long-lasting and nearly maintenance free. Moreover, they are qualified by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and are eligible for most energy company rebates.

The retrofit kits are fairly simple to install in three steps:

  1. Remove the current lamp, ballast and reflector.

  2. Bolt in the LED retrofit kit.

  3. Direct the adjustable LED light engine.