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Basketball court lighting kits are designed using advanced photometric analysis software and light and distribution levels are tested to ensure even lighting across the court. Basketball court lighting is available with USA brand name LED and traditional HID lamp types.

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Basketball Court Lighting Built to Last

Basketball-Lighting-Built-to-LastWeatherproof and Durable

Fixtures, poles, and hardware are protected from rust and corrosion by a chromate conversion coating followed by a powder coat of paint. The consistent durability of every component ensures years of hassle-free lighting.

Brand Names You Trust

Utilizing major USA brand name products ensures reliability, low maintenance, and low energy costs. There is no need to question quality with products backed by the biggest names in lighting.

Better Thermal Management

Quality cast aluminum housings contribute to longer life for your fixtures by preventing internal temperature fluctuations. Temperature consistency allows fixtures to succeed in lighting your tennis court for years to come.


Superior Photometric Analysis

Photometrics Optimized for BasketballSuperior-Photmetric

Every basketball lighting package has been analyzed using photometric software. Using 3-dimensional court rendering, light levels and distribution levels are tested and each system is rated for recreational, club, and competition use.

Custom Photometric Analysis

Our lighting specialists are trained to use advanced photometric software and assistance is offered to all clients for free. Call today to speak with a lighting specialist regarding photometric analysis for your custom configuration.


Energy Saving Technology

Energy Saving Tennis LightsBetter HID with Pulse-Start Metal Halide

Pulse-Start Metal Halide is the latest in HID lighting. It outputs the equivalent of the older 1,500-watt metal halide lamps while saving 33% on energy cost. It outputs a very extreme amounts of white light and is perfect for tennis.

LED for Basketball and the Environment

Access Fixtures basketball lighting features the newest LED technology and produces an incredible 140 lumens per watt! Luminaires are rated for 100,000 hours, meaning you have a long lasting solution with years of payback.


Lighting for Any Baketball Court

Complete Lighting PackagesLighting-For-Any-Court

Packages have been designed and analyzed to ensure consistent, quality lighting for standard single and twin basketball courts. Each packages contain all poles, luminaires, lamps, and mounting hardware.

Custom Designed Layouts

Does your basketball court have existing poles or other unique requirements? Our basketball lighting specialists can help explore your products options and layouts. A custom solution can be specified to meet your needs.

Competition Lighting Packages

Basketbal lighting packages include HID, LED, and Dark Sky Compliant options. Each has been photometrically tested and rated for recreational, club, and competition use. Choose the perfect system for your basketball court.


High Quality, Low Pricing

free-shipping-on-tennis-lighting1Factory Direct Pricing

Don’t compromise on quality. basketball lighting packages ship directly from assembly plants in the United States and are priced to save you money. They contain everything required, short of the concrete and installation team.

Free Shipping

Don’t concern yourself with the shipping costs. All basketball lighting packages ship free to the contiguous US. This is an added benefit for our valued customers and is available only through Access Fixtures. Use coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout.


Basketball Court Lighting News


Price Reduction on LED Basketball Court Lighting

WORCESTER, MA, August, 11, 2015  — Access Fixtures, a leading purveyor of high quality commercial and sports lighting, has announced that they will be offering LED basketball court lighting packages at a significantly reduced price point. LED basketball court...

Full Court Basketball Lighting Now Under $4,900

WORCESTER, Mass., March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports light, announced a new lower price on a full basketball court lighting package. Joining lighting packages to light full courts and half courts, this full court...


Basketball Lighting Projects


Dark Sky Compliant Backyard Sports Court Lighting in Arizona

A customer in Arizona recently called Access Fixtures for a lighting solution for his backyard half basketball court. The customer wanted a simple solution that would give enough light to light the court without blinding his neighbors. He initially called asking if...

Dark Sky LED Basketball Court Lighting for Phoenix, AZ, Residence

Access Fixtures was recently approached by a customer in Arizona looking to replace their sports court lighting. The customer has a residential half-court basketball court in the backyard that was previously unlit. In the summertime, long desert days provided plenty...


Basketball Lighting Blogs


The Highs and Lows of LED Sports Lighting

Multi-purpose sports courts can pose a problem when trying to choose the right lighting. Besides the usual considerations of court size, desired lumen output, and avoiding issues relating to light pollution; different sports activities require different levels of...

Sports Lighting Around the World

Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, Iraq, Nigeria…What do these countries have in common? Access Fixtures provides LED and pulse-start metal halide sports lighting all over the world, including these locations. While it may be safe to assume that our customers require a...

Three Backyard Basketball Lighting Concerns

Backyard basketball courts are great areas for outdoor play, whether the court is used just for basketball or other sports too, such as skateboarding. When a warm evening arrives, why go inside solely because the sun went down? Basketball court lighting expands the...

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