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Basketball court lighting kits are designed using advanced photometric analysis software and light and distribution levels are tested to ensure even lighting across the court. Basketball court lighting is available with USA brand name LED and traditional HID lamp types.

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Basketball Court Lighting Built to Last

Basketball-Lighting-Built-to-LastWeatherproof and Durable

Fixtures, poles, and hardware are protected from rust and corrosion by a chromate conversion coating followed by a powder coat of paint. The consistent durability of every component ensures years of hassle-free lighting.

Brand Names You Trust

Utilizing major USA brand name products ensures reliability, low maintenance, and low energy costs. There is no need to question quality with products backed by the biggest names in lighting.

Better Thermal Management

Quality cast aluminum housings contribute to longer life for your fixtures by preventing internal temperature fluctuations. Temperature consistency allows fixtures to succeed in lighting your tennis court for years to come.


Superior Photometric Analysis

Photometrics Optimized for BasketballSuperior-Photmetric

Every basketball lighting package has been analyzed using photometric software. Using 3-dimensional court rendering, light levels and distribution levels are tested and each system is rated for recreational, club, and competition use.

Custom Photometric Analysis

Our lighting specialists are trained to use advanced photometric software and assistance is offered to all clients for free. Call today to speak with a lighting specialist regarding photometric analysis for your custom configuration.


Energy Saving Technology

Energy Saving Tennis LightsBetter HID with Pulse-Start Metal Halide

Pulse-Start Metal Halide is the latest in HID lighting. It outputs the equivalent of the older 1,500-watt metal halide lamps while saving 33% on energy cost. It outputs a very extreme amounts of white light and is perfect for tennis.

LED for Basketball and the Environment

Access Fixtures basketball lighting features the newest LED technology and produces an incredible 140 lumens per watt! Luminaires are rated for 100,000 hours, meaning you have a long lasting solution with years of payback.


Lighting for Any Baketball Court

Complete Lighting PackagesLighting-For-Any-Court

Packages have been designed and analyzed to ensure consistent, quality lighting for standard single and twin basketball courts. Each packages contain all poles, luminaires, lamps, and mounting hardware.

Custom Designed Layouts

Does your basketball court have existing poles or other unique requirements? Our basketball lighting specialists can help explore your products options and layouts. A custom solution can be specified to meet your needs.

Competition Lighting Packages

Basketbal lighting packages include HID, LED, and Dark Sky Compliant options. Each has been photometrically tested and rated for recreational, club, and competition use. Choose the perfect system for your basketball court.


High Quality, Low Pricing

free-shipping-on-tennis-lighting1Factory Direct Pricing

Don’t compromise on quality. basketball lighting packages ship directly from assembly plants in the United States and are priced to save you money. They contain everything required, short of the concrete and installation team.

Free Shipping

Don’t concern yourself with the shipping costs. All basketball lighting packages ship free to the contiguous US. This is an added benefit for our valued customers and is available only through Access Fixtures. Use coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout.


Basketball Court Lighting News


Price Reduction on LED Basketball Court Lighting

WORCESTER, MA, August, 11, 2015  — Access Fixtures, a leading purveyor of high quality commercial and sports lighting, has announced that they will be offering LED basketball court lighting packages at a significantly reduced price point. LED basketball court lighting is available in full and half court configurations. “LED fixtures are more efficient and affordable than ever and now sell far better than pulse start metal halide lighting,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “As the technology improves, we are able to offer consumers the chance to upgrade their sports lighting to the most efficient lighting option available at a much lower initial cost, enabling them to save money on top of the long term energy savings.” Previously, the high price of installing LED fixtures deterred many people from upgrading to solid state lighting. Now, thanks to advances in LED technology, LED fixtures are more affordable than traditional lighting systems. LED basketball court lighting uses 60% less energy than traditional HID lighting and virtually eliminates maintenance costs with a long operating life of up to 100,000 hours. Energy efficient LED basketball court lighting has no re-strike or warm-up periods, and can be installed with dimmers for ultimate illumination control. Access Fixtures LED basketball court lighting is perfect for schools, public facilities, country clubs and residential courts. With reduced pricing, consumers seeking to upgrade their sports lighting do not have to choose between high quality energy efficiency and initial cost. About Access Fixtures Access Fixtures offers commercial and sports lighting for less, and features light fixtures with LED, induction, eHID, PS-MH and CFL light sources that are long lasting and...

Price Reductions for Basketball Half Court Lighting Kits by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, Mass., Dec. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures announced that both LED and pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) basketball half court lighting kits are now available at significantly reduced prices. Lighting specialists use advanced photometric analysis software to design basketball court lighting kits to ensure optimal photometrics for recreational play. Now using only two poles and two fixtures, the lighting kits provide even light levels for recreational play for backyard courts or small public parks. “Advancements in lighting technology allow Access Fixtures lighting specialists to redesign sport courts so they provide optimal light levels at the best possible value,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “With our updated lighting kits, we were able to use only two poles and two fixtures for each basketball half court, which reduced the price while maintaining the light levels.” Each fixture in the LED basketball half court lighting kit uses only 378 watts, while the PSMH basketball half court lighting kit offers a lower initial price. For enhanced durability, the lighting kits include two 4″ square steel 20′ poles with 11 Gauge thickness and fixtures built using cast aluminum housing. Both the poles and fixtures have architectural bronze powdercoat finish. Access Fixtures lighting specialists also offer customized sport court lighting kits designed for specific requirements, including dark-sky compliant. Access Fixtures sport court lighting kits are assembled in the USA. About Access Fixtures Access Fixtures offers commercial and sports lighting for less, and features light fixtures with LED, induction, eHID, PS-MH and CFL light sources that are long lasting and energy saving. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures can competitively build and custom finish luminaires...

Full Court Basketball Lighting Now Under $4,900

WORCESTER, Mass., March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports light, announced a new lower price on a full basketball court lighting package. Joining lighting packages to light full courts and half courts, this full court basketball lighting package produces light levels of more than 28 foot-candles across the full playing area while achieving extremely even light levels, a max/min ration of only 3.4. Employing metal halide lamps and ballasts in sports lighters, this full basketball court basketball lighting system is manufactured with major USA brand-name lamps and ballasts. This basketball court lighting system retails under $4,900. “People want to exercise and play basketball into the evening when they have time. Basketball court lights enable this, but price is relevant,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “Access Fixtures has now designed and produced an extremely cost-effective system to light a full basketball court, a system that includes high quality fixtures and major USA brand name lamps and ballasts at a very reasonable price.” Access Fixtures’ newest full basketball court lighting system uses metal halide lighting technology to produce an average of 28 foot-candles over the entire court, providing even lighting for all basketball play. Each luminaire produces more than 95,000 lumens and uses 1100 watts of power. Lamps are rated for 15,000 hours. The fixture housing has a die-cast aluminum housing and are assembled in USA using major brand-name components. The luminaire comes with a 5-year warranty. This metal halide basketball court lighting system includes 20′ poles, mounting hardware and high performance metal halide sports lighter luminaires. About Access Fixtures: Access Fixtures offers commercial and...


Basketball Lighting Projects


Dark Sky Compliant Backyard Sports Court Lighting in Arizona

A customer in Arizona recently called Access Fixtures for a lighting solution for his backyard half basketball court. The customer wanted a simple solution that would give enough light to light the court without blinding his neighbors. He initially called asking if one 25-foot pole affixed with either a 378w high output LED or 567w LED fixture would get the job done while abiding by Arizona’s strict dark sky compliance regulations. Special Considerations for the Stars Arizona is one of several states working to protect the night sky against light pollution. Light pollution is the orange haze that surrounds major cities and makes it difficult to see the stars. Astronomers have been working to reduce this effect since the founding of the International Dark Sky Association in 1988. Dark sky compliant fixtures are “fully shielded” or “full cutoff,” which means they are specifically designed to cast their light downward; this helps avoid interfering with the stars. Two Poles for Maximum Light Dispersion Our lighting specialists suggested that, for this type of court, the customer use two poles and luminaires; the light coming from these two light sources would reduce or eliminate shadowing. One source of light (even if it’s a bright source) will rarely be able to cover a court of this size with even light. This can make it difficult to play. Access Fixtures then determined that two 567w LED flood lights would most certainly be too much light but two 378w LED high output flood lights would be perfect. These lights boast an excellent CRI of 70 and are rated to last for about 100,000 hours. They...

Achieve the Right Light for Backyard Activities with Dimmable Sports Court Lighting

A customer recently contacted Access Fixtures for a lighting solution to a tricky situation. He was looking for light fixtures to replace the two 120w halogen flood lights he was using to illuminate a backyard sports court that measured approximately 40 x 18 feet. Although the court was not very large, he and his family used the space regularly to practice and play hockey and basketball; they were also using the court as a makeshift batting cage. They lived in a tightly packed community with neighbors close by, so the court was equipped with an adjustable net all the way around to catch any errant balls, discs, or pucks that might escape. Multipurpose Sports Court Presents Unique Challenges The existing light fixtures provided an insufficient amount of light to illuminate the court. For instance, a batting cage should have a minimum of 50 footcandles. Whether thrown by a pitching machine or a human, we can assume the baseballs will be sent anywhere from 50 to 90 miles per hour. Batters have to be able to see the ball at that speed(which is hard enough during the daytime) without being blinded by the light. Hockey requires the same 50 footcandles for recreational use and practice with minimal glare. Basketball, on the other hand, uses a larger ball that travels much slower than a baseball or hockey puck, so 10 footcandles would be sufficient. The customer was having difficulty finding a solution that met the preferred light levels for the three different sports. A huge amount of light was required for two of the sports, yet that same high-powered light would be...

Dark Sky LED Basketball Court Lighting for Phoenix, AZ, Residence

Access Fixtures was recently approached by a customer in Arizona looking to replace their sports court lighting. The customer has a residential half-court basketball court in the backyard that was previously unlit. In the summertime, long desert days provided plenty of daylight for their kids to get the most out of the court. However, with fall and winter quickly closing in, the customer wants to make sure the kids are still able to play a few games after school, even if the sun has already begun to set. Upgrading to LED Lighting for Half-Court Basketball Court Access Fixtures has a range of affordable LED sports court lighting packages available. LED lighting has become the most efficient and cost-effective option for commercial, public, and residential sports court owners. Since the court was only a half court, our lighting specialists recommended the 2 x 378w LED basketball court lighting package. The half-court LED basketball court lighting package includes two 23” LED outdoor flood lights and two poles. Perfect for residential or small public courts, the LED fixtures are rated for 100,000 hours of operating life, virtually eliminating maintenance costs. They are also energy-efficient, making the LED half-court basketball lighting package a cost-effective choice for any homeowner. Dark Sky Compliance and Arizona Lighting Codes Saving energy and maintenance costs was not the customer’s only goal. Arizona is home to the International Dark Sky Alliance in Tucson, an organization whose main goal is to eliminate light pollution from unprotected fixtures that cast unnecessary glow upward into the night sky. In order to meet local regulations, the half-court would need dark sky compliant basketball court...


Basketball Lighting Blogs


The Highs and Lows of LED Sports Lighting

Multi-purpose sports courts can pose a problem when trying to choose the right lighting. Besides the usual considerations of court size, desired lumen output, and avoiding issues relating to light pollution; different sports activities require different levels of light. A tennis court, whether residential or commercial, usually needs more light than other types of sports courts. A tennis ball is small and moves quickly. In order to keep track of it in the dark, players need a sufficient amount of illumination to see. In contrast, a basketball court will not need as much light to keep the players focused on the game. For some, particularly customers in the New England area, many sports courts double as ice skating rinks in the winter. Reflecting light from the ice can be overpowering and fixtures designated for nonreflective courts can become a hindrance. The good news is there are options for multi-sport courts that can adjust to suit the changing needs of the players.  Rather than stock up on different lamps for different sporting situations or settling for the wrong light output for a given circumstance, versatile fixtures can be utilized in different ways at different times. At Access Fixtures, our specialists have the ability to customize your lighting order to include dimming options. Any LED sports lighting package can be given a dimmable upgrade. With dimmable lighting, your lights can adjust to your needs. Our LED packages have two available dimming options: 0–10 volt gradual adjustment or step dimming, which adjusts the light to pre-determined outputs that can be programmed during factory assembly. Step dimming is useful for applications that require...

Sports Lighting Around the World

Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, Iraq, Nigeria…What do these countries have in common? Access Fixtures provides LED and pulse-start metal halide sports lighting all over the world, including these locations. While it may be safe to assume that our customers require a similar solution involving cost-effective lighting, Access Fixtures knows it’s important to consider each of our customers’ individual and specific requirements for their basketball court lighting and tennis court lighting. What someone is looking for in Canada may be completely different from what someone requires in Nigeria, even if they’re both shopping for LED tennis court lighting. Access Fixtures lighting specialists typically offer LED or pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) for sports lighting, depending on where the court is located. This decision is primarily based on the initial price and return on investment (ROI). If the country has unstable access to energy or high energy costs, more often the customer will see a faster ROI with LED, which consumes less energy. If the customer is looking for a lower initial price, PSMH is typically chosen, due to LED’s premium price. Lighting specialists also offer expertise on perimeters required by different countries. The U.S. operates on a 60-Hz system, while most of the world operates on a 50-Hz system. Additionally, Access Fixtures knows to calculate between the metric system and imperial system when providing important measurements. Access Fixtures will work with our customers to ensure they are receiving fixtures that work with their system. In a number of projects, customers require lighting specialists to provide photometric analysis in order to install the correct amount of fixtures in the right configurations. Photometric...

Three Backyard Basketball Lighting Concerns

Backyard basketball courts are great areas for outdoor play, whether the court is used just for basketball or other sports too, such as skateboarding. When a warm evening arrives, why go inside solely because the sun went down? Basketball court lighting expands the hours for outdoor activity. Of course, there are challenges to consider when lighting a residential basketball court so read on, plan and then enjoy your lighted court into the evening. Building Code Building codes could potentially pose several challenges, including height limitations, regulations on proximity to the property border, dark sky compliance, and foot-candle limitations. Your local building code may limit the height of poles. Some communities limit pole heights to 20 feet, while other towns and cities do not have any restrictions. Every municipality has restrictions on how close to the property line you can locate a structure such as a light pole. Some areas, like parts of Arizona and most if not all of New Mexico, have dark-sky regulations which limit light pollution. Many communities restrict the amount of light permitted on an outdoor basketball court to 30 foot candles. Don’t worry about that, though; around 15 foot candles should be sufficient for a backyard basketball court. Again, be sure to check regulations in your area or contact a local building inspector. Light Trespass Light trespass is when light spills into areas where it is not wanted. Sports lighting can cause issues in residential areas when light is distributed in unwanted areas, such as a neighbor’s bedroom or yard. If you turn on your basketball court lighting and it appears as if the Celtics...

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